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November 12th to November 17th


In yesterday's press, there was a little story about a Shanghai firm who seek a sales director but will only accept applications from people with blood groups O or B. Years ago, I was approached by some Japanese people who had in mind a book for Westerners, explaining the Far-Eastern belief that links blood type to personality. I had several misgivings, including the fact that I did not know my own blood group - and I did not want to help start a craze that had millions bothering their doctors. So I found a DIY kit. You get a sheet of chemically treated paper and a pin! You stick the pin in your thumb, you draw some blood and you drip it on the paper. Or at least, that's the theory. I opened the kit, took one look... and decided to stick to astrology.

Predicting disasters

I am not in the habit - or the business - of predicting disasters. When I consult horoscopes I do not look for such things. Indeed, I look for the very opposite. Opportunities. Positive possibilities. Ways in which a situation, even if it looks somewhat gloomy, might have a hopeful outcome. I don't intend to alter my approach. I stick by what I have already said. Despite yesterday's terrible and freaky event, the end of the world is not nigh. By June next year - the current state of global nervousness will become much calmer. There will not be another successful hijack attempt in the USA - or Europe, or Australasia. And I will add this: as of today, New York is now the safest place on the entire planet to take an aeroplane to or from.

Vedic astrology

Today, for one day only, we are working with an Indian system of astrology. The difference, mainly, is that there are 27 lunar signs in this particular system. To find your sign (or your "nakashtra" as they call it in India) just look for your date of birth. You'll find it in roughly the same part of the website where you would normally find your zodiac sign, (so begin by clicking on your usual sun sign and look for your birth date). Your forecast has been written by my colleague, Komilla Sutton - who is a world renowned expert in this ancient "Vedic" system of cosmic divination based on lunar houses. I do hope you enjoy her forecasts. Please let me know what you think and meanwhile, if you want to know why we have chosen today to do things so differently... read Mark Winter's article - his link is in the left hand frame.

Eastern and Western Astrology plus Steve Judd article

The difference between Eastern and Western astrology is a bit like the difference between the Sitar and the Guitar. When you are familiar with one, the other takes some getting used to. We had a mixed reaction to yesterday's Indian Zodiac special. Many readers loved it but others missed their usual forecasts. If we ever do something like this again - at Chinese New Year perhaps - I think we will do it AS WELL AS (instead of instead of) normal predictions. Speaking of New Year, I am about to start on a full set of in-depth prophecies for 2002. To give me time to do these justice, I shall be away from this page next week. From Saturday, a selection of the world's finest astrologers will take it in turns to provide your daily forecast. They will all (you may be pleased to hear) be working with the conventional Western zodiac!

Click here to read a special Astronews article from Steve Judd.

Astro News plus Behind the Signs

Click here to read more name suggestions for the new planet KX 76 plus Friday's Astro News... Enjoy

Behind the Signs
Ever wondered about the meaning of the planetary aspects at the top of this page? 'Aspect' means 'to see'. There are several different ways planets 'see' one another. It may be from a 90-degree angle, known as a square, and as you might guess, this indicates an uncomfortable relationship between the two planets. A trine is a 120-degree aspect, and known to be easy. A conjunction is not technically an aspect. But they would appear to be sitting close and, therefore, influencing one another.

Bernard Fitzwalter - Astrological Twins

Jonathan Cainer is taking a break from the week ahead predictions until Saturday 1st December so that he can concentrate on writing the Year 2002 predictions. (Available online in January 2002.) We are proud to have Bernard Fitzwalter standing in for Jonathan with the week ahead predictions... Enjoy.

Kim Wilde: b. 17 Nov 1960
Jonathan Ross: b. 18 Nov 1960
Astrological twins - that is, people born within a day of each other in the same year - are always interesting, because no matter how different they may be in appearance, the important times in their lives are frequently the same. Kim Wilde and Jonathan Ross are double Scorpios, born with both the sun and moon in the sign, and so are both doubly secretive and doubly sexy. Both came to prominence in the Ď80s, and are both enjoying a new surge of success as the planetary cycles which made them famous come round again. Next year will be hugely important for both of them; itís to do with being 41, when planet Uranus steps in to change their lives onto different tracks. That applies to anyone else who is 41 around now; is that anyone you know?


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