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November 19th to November 24th

Bernard Fitzwalter - Winter constellations

Bernard Fitzwalter is todayís guest astrologer. Bernard, of Cirencester, England, has been writing horoscopes for international publications for more than 20 years.
Iíve been watching a TV series on the Vikings. Living in Northern latitudes, like us in the UK, and with long, cold winter nights, the Norsemen were very familiar with the winter constellations. The most obvious one, everybodyís favourite, is Orion; in Nordic myth, though, he is Orvandil. He was one of those shipwrecked heroes who manages to find his way home after many adventures and win back his bride - just the sort of thing to appeal to Vikings trying to navigate their long ships by the stars. Orvandil is also Hamletís father, and Hamlet, though Shakespeare had other plans for him, has a magic pair of millstones which turn the heavens as they work, thus creating both Time and Fate. Itís certainly an interesting idea - and a very, very old one, too.

Adam Smith - Rectification

Consultant astrologer Adam Smith is todayís guest astrologer. Adam, 33, of London, writes a horoscope column for Star, a BBC celebrity magazine. He also works for the live telephone astrological service, Astro-livelink.
ĎRectificationí is a technique some astrologers use to draw charts for people who donít know what time they were born. Using personal details and important life events - plus a little intuition - it is sometimes possible to work backwards to arrive at the true birth moment. So instead of giving an astrologer your birth-time and having them tell you all about yourself, you tell the astrologer all about yourself and they give you your birth-time. This is a complex process and may take some time, but itís worth the effort. Having an accurate time to work with makes a huge difference - sort of like looking at a map and knowing the street youíre in instead of just the country.

Patty Greenall - Houses

Patty Greenall, who works with Jonathan to compile our Friday Astronews section, writes todayís stars. Patty, 40, lives in London with her two children. She is an expert in horary astrology, which uses current planetary positions to answer specific questions.
Ever wondered what astrologers mean by, Ďsuch and such a planet is in your so and so house?í Well, whose house exactly? And why? In astrological terms there are 12 houses - each one representing a division of the sky in terms of time or space. Just about everything you can think of comes under the umbrella of one or other of these houses. Money, for example, resides in the second house; partners in the seventh; your career in the tenth - and so on. How a planet influences your life depends largely upon which house itís in. Todayís horoscopes focus especially on the seventh house - so partners, beware!

Jessica Adams - The Zap Factor

Jessica Adams is todayís guest astrologer. Jessica, who lives in Sydney, is the author of Handbag Horoscopes and The New Astrology For Women. She also writes a horoscope column for Elle Australia. Her website is
November is dominated by the Zap Factor. There may be some real-life electrical storms which make weather forecasters feel like theyíve plugged their fingers into live sockets. However, there will also be nail-biting tension in your own life. You will need to keep a cool head while the madness is unleashed, as it may seem to go on forever. Brilliant, accurate flashes of intuition will help you deal with the situation. In the meantime, remember that your own personal storm will have to break in November, but you will need to have nerves of steel to sit it out. Uranus and Mars in the unpredictable sign of Aquarius will stage a dramatic cosmic display throughout this month. It may almost feel like youíre standing on a golf course, watching the lightning - and ducking your head. Eventually, though, the tension will be over, and youíll be back in control. Change is easiest for Aquarians, so if youíre born between late January and February, you may be able to teach the rest of us how to deal with it.

Nick Campion - Festivals of Light plus Astro News

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Nick Campion, a friend and mentor of Jonathan Cainer, writes todays forecasts. Nick, a world authority on the history of astrology, has written horoscopes for national newspapers and magazines for more than 20 years. He lives near Bristol and is the author of Zodiac.
Nick: Itís around this time of year, as the nights draw in that we see the great Ďfestivals of lightí, characterised by the bringing of light to the darkness of winter. Hindus have Diwali, Jews celebrate Hanukkah and Christians look forward to Christmas and my sense is that they are magical ways of enhancing the Sunís warmth in the middle of winter. Whatís more, they may all share a common origin many thousands of years ago. Thatís not so surprising. After all, human beings are essentially members of one huge family.

Bernard Fitzwalter - Star-crossed lovers

Jonathan Cainer is taking a break from the week ahead predictions until Saturday 1st December so that he can concentrate on writing the Year 2002 predictions. (Available online in January 2002.) We are proud to have Bernard Fitzwalter standing in for Jonathan with the week ahead predictions... Enjoy.

Marriage made in Heaven
Billy Connolly: b 24 Nov 1952
Pamela Stephenson: b 4 Dec 1950
Billy Connolly has the sun in Sagittarius but the moon in Gemini. The conflict and contrast between the two - they're in opposite signs - gives him his unique outlook on the world, blending Sagittarian openness and honesty with Gemini's love of verbal tricks, playing with the sound of words for comic effect. His wife Pamela is also a Sagittarian, but with the moon in the more careful sign of Virgo, an ideal position for her new career as a psychotherapist. The eclipses of the sun and moon fall in Sagittarius and Gemini next year, and will fire Billy forwards into the next stage of his career whether he's ready for it or not. Or is it us who have to be ready for him?


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