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October 1st to October 5th

Full Moon in Aries - a call to action

In some ways, a Full Moon is like a storm. In the days before the Moon is due to be full, everything becomes tense. Then, in the 24 hours or so just prior to the exact Full Moon, something breaks. People begin to let out whatever they have been holding back. Tomorrow the Moon becomes exactly full in Aries. Aries (as a cosmic symbol not a birth sign) governs all things to do with battle and conflict. In other words, if you are directly engaged in such activity, you automatically become partly (or even wholly) ruled by Aries, regardless of where or when you were born. The call of a Full Moon in Aries is a call to action.

Mars - Jupiter Opposition

Tomorrow Mars will oppose Jupiter. This is not an especially rare occurrence. It takes place every couple of years, but it tends to coincide with a flare-up of tension in some part of the world where there is already trouble of some kind. Mars can be seen as a heavenly warrior. Jupiter (the celestial giant) as a symbol of justice and hope but also, at times, as a symbol of extravagance and excessive behaviour. Jupiter is often seen as a regal planet and is used to represent kings, rulers and heads of state. Mars, in this situation, can be seen as threat to the establishment. Normally to establish the outcome an astrologer would look to see which of the two planets was in the stronger condition. Right now, that's a moot point. The cosmic picture (which does not incidentally, describe further attacks on the USA or in Europe) gets more interesting in the light today's full Moon plus another important development about which, more tomorrow.

Mars - Jupiter - Saturn face-off

Mars governs Aries, where the Moon has just been full. That alone, makes Mars powerful now. Mars is also though, forming an opposition to Jupiter. These two planets are 'in dispute.' Each is trying to exert control over the other and the result is that neither will accept what the other has to offer. Thus Jupiter (justice) currently has no teeth while Mars (fury) has no sense of forgiveness. Nor does the story stop there. Mars is also forming a sharp "angle of irritation" to Saturn. Saturn is all about discipline and strategy. This nicely sums up the way in which it is now so hard for so many people to plan. Other heavenly indications though, suggest a surprisingly inspiring development on the world stage in the next few days.

Specialisation in astrology

You wouldn't take a back problem to a dentist. Nor would you expect an endocrinologist to advise you on childbirth. In the world of astrology, we also tend to specialise. We have, for example, financial astrologers, psychological astrologers and medical astrologers. Even in these areas, there are subdivisions. Psychological astrologers who focus mainly on relationships. Medical astrologers who work chiefly with digestive disorders. To be a specialist, you must know two subjects extremely well - and be able to make them work together. Such people are rare and much in demand. Tomorrow, we publish an exclusive interview with one of the world's leading investment astrologers.

Financial Outlook and Behind the Signs

Financial Outlook
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Behind the Signs:Hang in there! Mercury is retrograde. This lasts three weeks and happens three times a year when Mercury moves between the Sun and the Earth and when it's exactly on the other side of the Sun to the Earth - in opposition. As it's currently in Libra, an Air sign, connections are more difficult. So we all have to endure delays, cancellations and misunderstandings over short journeys and things like the post. Check and double-check appointments, too.


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