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October 8th to October 13th

Mayan Calendar

Throughout history, doom mongers have been announcing the end of the world. They are not daunted by the fact that it never comes. "Ha!" they say. "It has been delayed, that's all." Most of them these days, as John Michell recently pointed out, (link is in the left hand frame to his pages) are pinning their "hopes" on 2012. This is when the Mayan calendar runs out. I shall say more about this in future months and years. I plan to do a particularly big feature on the subject in 2013. Meanwhile, here's how worried you need to be. Open your wallet. Look at your credit card. What's the expiry date on it? You'd be as daft to read meaning into that as you would be to worry about this.

Mercury retrograde

Mercury, the communication planet, governs intellectual exchange. Wherever one person has an idea - or a fact - to pass on, Mercury's influence will be at work. Doubly so if a fee is being charged for this. Money is a form of intellectual exchange all on its own. There are, of course, some very real consequences attached to having - or not having it - but the stuff itself is abstract. It is symbolised by pieces of paper or numbers on screens - but in essence, money is an idea - not a physical thing. Mercury turned "retrograde" last week. Till October 23, it will be moving apparently backwards through the sky. Tomorrow, we'll take a closer look at what this implies.


Mercury governs information and transportation. Commuter and computer networks both tend to get problems when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury is now travelling "apparently backwards" through Libra; an air sign. That's fitting imagery for an airline industry which is now seeing a big (but temporary) reverse in its fortunes. Air signs also have a symbolic meaning. They represent thought. Logic. Analytical processes - one step removed from emotion. Here, the imagery is even more apt. The "ideas planet" is retracing its steps through a logic sign while, all over the world, plans are proving flawed and people are having to rethink the way they feel.

Plain speaking

It is a time honoured astrologer's prerogative to speak in riddles. I do not, therefore, intend to make a habit of giving predictions in plain English. But some people are now so anxious that even when you spell things out to them, they hardly hear. So let's be clear. The attacks on Afghanistan will NOT escalate into a major conflict involving other Muslim countries. North America will never suffer from a large scale biochemical attack - nor from another successful suicide plane hijacking. England, Europe and Australia/NZ can rest assured on this count too. The terrorists have only one real weapon now. Terror! When we worry, we give them what they want.

Mystery planet found - Behind the Signs - Global Peace Initiative

Mystery planet found at the edge of our solar system
On July 2, 2001, a team of astronomers in Arizona announced a brand new discovery. A new planet which, claim some, is the biggest, most important find since Pluto's discovery in 1931. Like Pluto it is a long way from the Sun and orbits at an "unusual angle". So far at least though, it has no exotic name. Scientists are merely calling it 2001 KX76.
Even so, they are getting very worked up.
"2001 KX76 is exciting because it demonstrates that more significant bodies remain to be discovered" explains research team leader, Robert Millis. Astrologers, too, are thrilled. We have long been expecting a new planet. We know, from experience, that they tend to turn up when big, unprecedented changes are taking place on the Earth. Uranus was discovered, in 1781 - just as the world's first hot air balloon went up. Neptune in 1846, appeared while historic breakthroughs were taking place in the world of photography.
Pluto was found in 1931 - just as scientists were learning how to split the atom. Almost certainly, this latest planet will coincide with some mind blowing technology, soon to be revealed. Meanwhile, we can all see how it has arrived at an appropriate time. No existing planet provides a satisfactory symbol for the enormity of all that has happened in the past few months. this. Despite the fact that it has showed up at what seems like a "dark hour", KX76 represents a bright beacon of insight and explanation. Watch this space, weekly from now on, for more news of where it is - and what it may be trying to tell us.

Cosmic convergence
The following leaflet has just reached us, photocopied on fluorescent green paper. We hereby repeat it word for word.
In consideration of the present world crisis, we the people who believe in world peace for all beings, call for a mass alignment of hearts and souls so that we can focus our collective energy and bring it about. Throughout Saturday October 13 - especially between 23.30 - 0.30 GMT, we will be gathering together at sacred sites and wherever we are on Earth - singing and playing the Beatles song "Give Peace A chance." Sending out love out to all beings as we do so, we will be heralding the end of all war mentality and helping to bring about a New Age of Global Peace. Love and peace be with you all. Please pass this info on to everyone you can."

Behind the Signs:All rise for the Spica
Although Mercury remains retrograde until October the news from this planet of news is not all bad. Since ancient times, astrologers have noted that some of the more prominent Fixed Stars bring about a slightly different meaning to the planets that conjoin or aspect them. Mercury is now with a very fortunate star called Spica, also known as The Wheat Sheaf, which symbolises gifts to humankind and is particularly influential to scientists, writers, painters and musicians.

Cancer and Virgo rapport
(from weekly horoscope section)
There is an automatic rapport between the signs of Cancer and Virgo. Without having to try too hard, they understand each other. They naturally feel inclined to support each other. They can easily make each other laugh. And almost as easily, they can make each other cry. But then, there's a downside to everything in this world if you care to look for it. You will need though, to be pretty determined if you want to find the flaw in this cosmic combination. The attraction is not always instant but, once discovered, it tends to be permanent.


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