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October 15th to October 20th

Website contributors

A team of astrologers contribute to this website. Some cover for me when I go on holiday. Others have rare technical skills. We also, of course, have another team - of daily writers. There is Sarah Dening, our dream doctor, John Michell, the world authority on Earth Mysteries. Neither of these though, are astrologers. I thought the same was true of our mindpower expert, Uri Geller. His article to be posted on Thursday, suggests otherwise. That's fine with me. I'm always glad to have another astrologer on the team - but, er... there's just one thing. If he can do what I do, how come I can't do what he does? I've been staring at the same spoon all weekend - but it just won't budge. To read Uri's mind power articles, click on the link in the left hand frame.

Important New Moon

We all understand the importance of a Full Moon. We don't even have to look in the sky to recognise how powerful it is. At, or just before Full Moon, there is an atmosphere you can sense. The New Moon is equally important, if not more so, yet it is less obvious. There is nothing for us to see in the sky - other than some extra stars which might otherwise be obscured by the moon's light. Astrologers though, find that the mood, just before and during the New Moon, is far more likely to create emotional instability - or need - or vulnerability - or a sense of harrasment. So let us all try to be extra nice to one another today.

Paranoid planet

Last Thursday, I wrote "North America will never suffer from a large scale biochemical attack." If, since then, you have been following the news, you can be forgiven for thinking that this prediction has already been proved wrong. It has not been - nor will it be. We are hearing now, a lot of noise about a few isolated incidents. The American people still stand a better chance of being killed by lightning than by a disease, unleashed by a terrorist. The planets say nothing about this changing. They do though, say a lot about the danger of Earth becoming a paranoid planet. I'll say more about this tomorrow.

The origins of terror - plus John Michell article on hell

If Saturn's current opposition to Pluto has a message for humanity, it is surely this. Something imperceptibly small can, under the right conditions, have an enormous, permanent impact on the world. The atom, for example, is invisible. Yet when once it was split (shortly after Pluto was first discovered) life on this planet altered forever. Viruses - too - are invisible to the naked eye. Far more dangerous though, than any bug or any bomb, is terror. This is invisible too. You can't SEE an obsessive fear. You can only see the impact of it - and often, you can't even see this till a long time after the idea itself has taken hold.
John Michell has written us a piece on the origins of one such idea. It is a purely abstract notion - yet it has scared the socks off countless generations. To this very day, it still has potency. Less so now, though, than ever before. For as we now recall the suffering of those who died on September 11 - and see the ongoing hardship of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, we may be starting to understand something. There can, in all of Dante's dark dreams, be no greater hell than the suffering experienced here - now - by those whose lives are painful, dark, miserable and seemingly hopeless. If heaven is a place on earth... it surely follows that that hell must be too. So now, read on. But as you do, remember this please. Anthrax is not contagious. Anxiety is. The link to John Michell's pages is in the left hand frame.

The new planet KX 76 plus Behind the Signs

Click here to read about the New Planet - KX 76 - More than just a number

Behind the Signs - Neptune takes just under 165 years to orbit the sun. It is so slow that it ends up going retrograde (appearing to move backwards) - for about five months in every year. Nebulous Neptune has just ended such a phase. As it now turns direct, we expect an upturn soon in all Neptune-related matters. These include film and photography (Harry Potter's people were wise to wait till now before launching the movie); plus the price of oil (though hopefully not too great an upturn). There should soon be an upturn too, in the fortunes of Pisceans.

A pride of Leos (from the weekly horoscope section)

When you put two or more Lions together, you get a pride. And we all know what pride, sooner or later, must come before. Leo/Leo partnerships CAN work surprisingly well but to prevent what might otherwise be a relentless power struggle, there needs to be an element of "parent/child" in the psychology of the relationship. Generously, JK Rowling has given Harry her own birthday. The similarities ARE amazing. Both are shy - yet cannot avoid limelight. Both amaze themselves - and the watching world - with the extent of their own resourcefulness. And both have a fine future, the tale of which is far from told.


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