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September 24th - September 28th

Arrival in New York

This weekend, I flew to New York. I don't really know why. I just felt that I had to. At 2am, Sunday morning, I took a taxi to Manhattan and the driver dropped me at Canal Street - which is currently as far as you can get by car. After that, I walked slowly, alone, up Greenwich towards what they now call Ground Zero. Eventually, I reached a police line. There, I stood, staring at the smoke which was still billowing up from the site of the towers. I prayed. I meditated. I looked around at others who were doing the same. And a few things suddenly became very clear. Over the next few days, I'll try to explain what I saw.

Meditations in New York

At 2am on Sunday, I stood in Manhattan, staring up into the space where those towers used to be. At first, I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts to notice anyone else. When I began to look around, I saw others, standing just as silently by the police barrier. Slowly, it dawned on me who they were. Relatives. People whose loved ones had been in the towers and who were still clinging on to tiny shreds of hope. Suddenly I understood something. For them, this is not about war or revenge or hatred. It is about love. It is about the people that they love and miss and desperately want back. And, if it is about anything else, it is about the need to find a simple answer to a simple question. "Why?"

Predictions from New York

So now, I feel ready to make a few clear predictions. The repercussions of September 11 will echo down the decades. In the next century, they will still be talking about it - just as we today, still talk about the Titanic. One reason for this is because history will mark it out as a one-off. Nothing so vast will happen again. There may be more terrorist attacks in the coming months but these will have little or no impact. The USA and its allies meanwhile, have commenced a long, slow campaign that is due to last years, not months. The vast majority of Muslims will not join Bin Laden in his "Jihad". There will, therefore, be no great escalation in the conflict.

Flying home

I am looking now - very carefully indeed, at the state of the world and the state of the sky. What I see is a global stock market full of incredible bargains - plus an airline industry which is about to fire a bunch of people that they will very soon need to re-hire. Tomorrow, we'll look more closely at what else astrology can tell us about the world situation. Meanwhile, all I can tell you is that I am standing very confidently by my prediction. Or, to be more precise, flying by it. I'm writing these words on a plane, high above the USA. By the time you read them, I'll be home.

The hunt for Bin Laden's Birthday and Behind the Signs

Today, Patty Greenall attempts to pin down Bin Laden's birthday. Click here to read about it.

Behind the Signs:Saturn Retrograde: Once in while a planet is said to go 'retrograde'. From our point of view, it appears to move backwards. It's a bit like being on a motorway when two cars are moving along - one is going faster than the other and the slower car appears to move backwards. At present, Saturn is retrograde until February 8 next year. As it's in Gemini, this indicates that generally, speedy answers and quick fixes will be hard to come by. It's a time to observe, ponder and think before acting.


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