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April 1st to April 6th 2002

Poisson D'Avril

Nobody knows when - or where - people first started playing the game of April fool. Some experts figure that it dates back to ‘Poisson D'Avril' which, in medieval France, meant the April Fish. The most common fish, in April, in France, is the mackerel - or maquerreau. The same word can also mean ‘pimp'! The French, who love their puns, would use the phrase April Fish to describe anyone acting as a go-between for two would-be lovers. The French, who also love their practical jokes, would sometimes send their go-betweens on false errands. For a little extra fifteenth century French fun they would secretly pin a cardboard fish to the go-between's back. This explains how the April Fish became an April Fool. Now I know what you are thinking, but I promise you, I am really not making this up!


It is hotting up out there. But then, that is only to be expected. Rare, potent planetary influences are creating a tense climate between now and the end of May. But though various troublesome situations in the world may intensify, they will not explode. I know that some people are worried. I get anxious letters every day. I am tempted to say "just imagine how much worse things could be" but that, of course, is the wrong thing to say. People DO keep imagining how much worse things could be. That's the problem! And the cure? Less fearful fantasy, more positive thought.

More of Astrocat

All you Astrocat fans may have already noticed our new feature to the daily cartoon that accompanies this section. Now, if you click on the image, you will be able to view a larger, more detailed version - we decided the detail, that our illustrator Sally Fisher, incorporates into each picture deserved to be seen. Today's cartoon Sally drew to depict the coming of the new Comet and the effect on our world.... Enjoy. And don't forget to let us know what you think - on Astrocat or any article on this website - suggestions are always appreciated. Email Thank you

Vedic versus Western astrology

"Dear Jonathan, I am an Aquarian. If Uranus, the ruler of my sign, was only discovered a few centuries ago - what was my ruling planet before that? I am especially inquisitive because a friend of mine has recently been telling me how western astrology is off the mark on the calendar that it corresponds to. He says if I want an accurate reading, I should consult a Vedic astrologer. Kind regards, Julie." Dear Julie. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius. We still consider it an important significator for your sign. Your friend with the passion for all things Eastern is, I feel, being a wee bit judgemental. We may as well argue that Guitars are "off the mark" because they are tuned differently to Sitars. It's the way you play 'em that counts.

Spot the comet plus Astronews

Now is the best time to spot the extraordinary comet Ikeya-Zhang. For centuries it has travelled unknown through outer space until its discovery in February. It has now swung round the Sun and is beginning its journey back into space. It will pass closest to Earth on April 30, but it can be seen now low in the western sky. At the end of evening twilight it is just visible with the naked eye, moving against the big, dim constellation of Pisces, which means that it's in the zodiac sign of Aries. To read more about the new comet, click here for this week's AstroNews.

Match Made in Heaven - Courtney Cox & David Arquette

Watch the Moon this week. The more it wanes, the easier it will be to spot the "auspicious comet" Ikeya-Zhang - which is now in roughly the same sector of the sky - though not necessarily at the same time of night.

The Match Made in Heaven?
Courtney Cox June 15 1964 - Gemini and David Arquette Sept 8 1971 - Virgo
Gemini/Virgo is a popular combination. These two Mercurial signs have a natural affinity. They never run out of things to say to each other. There is a strong intellectual rapport -but is there also the depth of emotion and the breadth of passion that one might hope for in a romantic relationship. Perhaps. Perhaps not. But then, perhaps being a Gemini and a Virgo, they neither mind nor even notice!


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