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April 8th to April 13th 2002

Alignment is message of hope

Later this month we will be treated to an amazing spectacle. We will see Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter all aligned in a very small spectre of the sky. Comet Ikeya-zhang should also be visible, nearby. It is almost as if the planets are re-enacting the multiple cosmic conjunction that they formed in May 2000. This time they appear to be rallying to the defence of Saturn which, as we all know, is currently forming a sharp and difficult opposition to Pluto. This is a message of hope for humanity - as bright and as emphatic as the sky ever sends.

60 second silence

Whenever people hold a minute's silence I always think that's hardly enough. An hour would be more like it. A day might be even more appropriate. But these days none of us gets left alone long enough with our most private thoughts and our deepest feelings. Always we are being urged to communicate. To express ourselves. To externalise. I wonder how much better life might be for everyone if it had a few more silent minutes in it?

Saturn/Pluto fear and anxiety

Every time I open my mail I find a small number of letters from people who are convinced that the end is nigh. Normally, I just send them a private, reassuring reply. Every so often though, I get more such letters than usual. Just before the millennium for example, they came in a deluge. In the last few weeks they have started coming in again. This is understandable. Saturn/Pluto oppositions are famous for creating a climate of fear and anxiety. But if you are a regular reader of this page, you will know what is coming next. There will be no repeat of September 11. No escalation of war is in the offing. Nor is recession on our horizon. Oh, and soon, the situation in the Middle East will get much better.

Astrology for countries

"Dear Jonathan, I have heard that Russia is a Scorpio, the UK is Capricorn, the USA is Sagittarius etc. Is this true and if so, how is it calculated?" Sarah G. London SW1. Dear Sarah, It is a bit simplistic to say that every country has a "sign" but every country definitely has a horoscope. There is though, often much debate about which "date of birth" should be used. Some say, for example, that the chart of England should be cast for the moment when King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215. Others use the Act of Union between England and Scotland of 1707. Yet more use a chart for the day we joined the EU. The definitive work on this topic is "The Book of World Horoscopes" by Nicholas Campion. I fear it is now out of print though the Astrological Association - or your library - may be able to help you find a copy.

New Moon plus Astronews

There's always a little extra something in the air at a New Moon. Often, it is easy to sense the intensity. People tend to be edgy or uneasy. Situations have been dramatic and sometimes become most eerily quiet. Once the Moon is fully new (if that isn't a contradiction in terms) the mood changes again. It is as if the storm breaks. And after a little rain, the Sun soon comes out once more. This evening, and over the weekend - as the Moon slowly, subtly begins to wax once more, most moods will quickly begin to lighten. Click here for this week's AstroNews with a feature on the upcoming planetary alignment plus a research request and of course, AstroDiary.

Pluto & Venus plus Dannii Minogue and Craig Logan

Pluto is the planet of obsession. Venus is the planet of desire. This week the two form an awkward angle of antagonism. Bonnets will be full of bees. Drums will be beaten. Passions will be running high. We must all try to keep our blood pressure in double figures.

The Match Made in Heaven?
Dannii Minogue b. October 20, 1971 (Libra) and Craig Logan b. April 22, 1969 (Taurus)
Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus. Traditionally, these two signs are perfectly suited. They undoubtedly have the ability to make a very cosy couple. But is there a little frisson missing from the kissing? Is it all just a touch too easy? Perhaps. Or perhaps it's just perfect.


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