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April 15th to April 20th 2002

Prophets of doom

"Dear Jonathan, I am getting married on June 8 2002 at 12:30 p.m. A well-meaning friend went to have a chart for this time drawn up for us. She has come back like the prophet of doom. I am beginning to get very worried." Marriane, Wales. Dear Marriane, Once upon a time there was a King. His astrologer came to him and said, "Sire, make arrangements for soon, you will die." The King replied, "And when will you die?" The astrologer said, "Many years from now." So the King summoned his guards and had the astrologer put to death at once. His majesty then lived to a ripe old age. I have drawn up charts for you, your fiancée and for the time of your wedding. There is nothing wrong with any of these charts. There is though, something wrong with the astrologer who sent you such a negative message. Ignore it!

Image problem

Astrologers are not omniscient. We do not see it all. We do not understand it all. But often, we come across as if we know it all. This is partly because astrology has an image problem. People in my profession are either seen as charlatans - or as seers with a quasi-divine authority to make incontrovertible announcements about the future. There's not much by way of middle ground. But in truth, we are all merely students of the sky. We can offer useful - often valuable - insights into trends, probabilities and likelihoods. But we are not infallible. And nor, for that matter, are clairvoyants, psychics, mediums, weather-forecasters or chicken sexers.

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Planet watching

Truly amazing sights can now be seen in the sky. Assuming, of course, that you live in the countryside. Sadly, in our cities there are too many lights at night. These make the planets all but invisible. If though, you can find a remote place - and if there is no cloud cover - you will soon be able to see something rare and wonderful. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all quite closely aligned and very visible to the naked eye - not far from the new comet. Tomorrow in Astro News, Bernard Fitzwalter will tell you more about where they can be seen. And I will tell you more about what they mean.

Saturn and Pluto plus more on the alignment in Astronews

Click here for this week's AstroNews, with an article on the exciting planetary alignment from Bernard Fitzwalter, AstroDiary plus can you help with some astrological research?

Saturn's tense opposition to Pluto has been hanging over us for many months now, It will culminate at the end of May. Normally, when Saturn is involved in an opposition it is seen as the villain of the piece. Because it tends to cause restriction and limitation, In this instance though, Saturn represents traditional structures, checks and balances, all of which are being aggressively challenged by the Plutonian forces of fanaticism. Right now in the sky. Jupiter and Mars are standing on either side of Saturn, like a pair of supportive sentinels. Meanwhile Mercury and Venus are rushing to the scene, as if they too are hurrying to help. Pluto rules obsession, conspiracy - and the release of hidden power. On the cosmic chessboard it is about to be checkmated.

Ikeya-Zhang and Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick

Take a good look in the sky this week and you should see an amazing sight. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - all clearly visible and all very near each other. You may also spot the new comet, Ikeya-Zhang, not far from this auspicious cosmic conjunction.

Match Made in Heaven?
Sarah Jessica Parker born March 25 1965 - Aries and Matthew Broderick born March 21 1962 - Aries
As the Sun now moves into Taurus, here's a relationship between two people both born under... er Aries! Aries/Aries is never an easy combination. But people born under this sign have one thing in common. None of them like an easy life! And once a pair of rams lock horns - they can find it very difficult to untangle themselves.


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