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April 22nd to April 30th 2002

Cosmic arc

They stretched across the night sky like a string of fairy lights. Some were slightly brighter than others and, by the time the ones in the middle had come into view, the ones on the end had dropped below the horizon. Even so, Friday's grand planetary alignment was truly grand. It made all the traditional planets visible to the naked eye. Together, they formed a glorious cosmic arc. You could almost see the rays of power beaming down. Each planet is traditionally thought of as a guiding light or guardian angel. On Friday they all joined forces to wrap the earth in a cloak of healing and protection.

Amazing sights

Amazing sights continue every night in the sky, Venus is gloriously visible if you look low in the direction where the Sun has just set. High above her, at about the same time, you will see Jupiter shining almost as brightly. You can see them best at twilight when they 'pop out' just a little before the stars. If you do look later and you can't be sure what you are seeing, remember that planets - unlike stars - do not twinkle. Between Venus and Jupiter you should be able to pick out tiny dull, red Mars, and small, pale yellow Saturn. It is rare for so many planets to be visible at once to the naked eye - and for those who are now working for world peace - it is highly auspicious.
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Chinese Zodiac

"Dear Jonathan, I hope you are keeping in good health. I was recently thinking about Chinese Zodiac animals. I'm a Sag - and an Ox. But I find it awkward, confusing and complicated knowing which one I am because Ox is practical and Sagittarius is not? Please help. With many warm regards Mr A.S. Virdi"
Dear Mr Virdi. In my view, mixing Chinese and western astrology is like pouring sweet and sour sauce on a pizza. But then, even in a full western horoscope, there will always be contradictions. People are full of contradictory impulses. We can all be practical in some ways and not in others. Is this such a bad thing?

Telepathic communication

"Dear Jonathan, do you know much about telepathic communication? Is it something you use? If so, can you please explain to me how to go about learning to communicate telepathically? Thank you." C. Martin, by e-mail.
Dear C Martin,

Best wishes
P.S. If you didn't quite catch that, try contacting Uri Geller. He is much better at that sort of thing!

Zodiac illustrations plus Astronews

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Dear Jonathan, I have a query about the way zodiac signs are artistically represented. They seem to vary. For example, should the Cancer symbol, 69, be horizontal? And what about Pisces? Must the fish always swim in opposite directions? Best wishes, Julia Sandiford. Brighton.
Dear Julia, We all have free will. Nothing an astrologer says can ever change this. We also have freedom of expression. We can paint any picture any way we choose to. That said, many old strong traditions exist for a reason. The Piscean fish swim in opposite directions to represent the two vastly different impulses that every Piscean must attempt to reconcile. The hieroglyph for Cancer should look like 69 on its side because it represents a pair of crab’s pincers. The Capricorn creature is never a goat but a mer-goat with a fish’s tail. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking what about Scorpio? I shall say more on this topic next week.

Match Made in heaven - Rachel Steves & Jeremy Edwards

The planets are still presenting us with an amazing spectacle after dark each night. It is rare to see significant players in the celestial drama so bright and so close together. This is most auspicious for all of us.

Match Made in Heaven? Rachel Stevens Aries (April 9, 1978) and Jeremy Q. Edwards Aquarius (February 17, 1971)
To be born under Aries is to shoot first and ask questions later. To be born under Aquarius is to ask questions first - and then ask more questions! Aries people are trusting and impulsive. Aquarians are suspicious and critical. So is this a good match? Actually, it is. They complement one another wonderfully.

Many Volcanoes Erupt Mulberry Jam

"Dear Jonathan, I once heard on the radio a phrase to help remember the sequence of the planets: Many Volcanoes Erupt Mulberry Jam Sandwiches Under Normal Pressure. It is so silly I still remember it after almost 40 years! Cheers, Graham"
Dear Graham, That's as good a way as any to remember Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It reminds me of the time when I was a student astrologer, looking for a way to remember the sequence of the zodiac signs. After some struggle, I came up with: All The Girls Can Like Very Long Stories, So Can Any People. It's not exactly brilliant but it works.

Earth tilt on its axis

"Dear Jonathan, What is your view on the prediction that the earth is long overdue to tilt differently on its axis? Anna, Berkshire."
Dear Anna, Politicians are long overdue to start telling the truth. Large corporations are long overdue to start thinking more about their ethics. I am long overdue for a year's sabbatical in the Bahamas. Unlikely, though, any of the above may be, it is all about 75 billion times more likely than the earth's tilt changing dramatically enough for any of us to notice.


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