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May 1st to May 11th 2002

William Lilly

On this day in 1602 William Lilly was born. He studied astrology as a youth and went on to become one of the greatest practitioners of the age. He wrote textbooks which are still in use to this day and specialised in the art of Horary astrology. Clients would come to him with a question. He would answer it for them simply by drawing up a chart for the moment when the question was asked of him. He is perhaps best known for the woodcut he published in 1648 shwoing the Gemini Twins (traditionally) associated with London) hovering over a city engulfed in flames. Years later he was hauled before Parliament accused of starting the 1666 Great Fire of London to fulfil his own prophecy. He was cleared of all charges.

Remembering mnemonics

Since I mentioned the mnemonic that helps remember the names and the order of the planets I have had a deluge of mail. Ann says that 60 years ago she was taught the phrase Mary's Violet Eyes Make John Stay Up Nights Plenty. Holly suggests My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Us Nine Pickles. Meanwhile, Daniel, from Bromley, offers My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets. Right now, weather conditions permitting, it is possible to see many of these planets shortly after dark. Look in the direction where the Sun has just set.

Eagles v Scorpio plus Astronews

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I promised last week, that I would say more about why I use an eagle to represent Scorpio. So here goes. "The eagle was the Hermetic symbol of sulphur, and signified the mysterious fire of Scorpio - the most profoundly significant sign of the zodiac and the Gate of the Great Mystery. Being one of the three symbols of Scorpio, the eagle... was an emblem of the theurgic art and the secret processes by which the infernal fire of the scorpion was transmuted into the spiritual light-fire of the gods." The quote comes from "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" written by Manley P Hall in 1928. If you can understand it, do let me know what it means! Meanwhile, if you are a Scorpio and you don't fancy being an eagle, you can also, with full traditional justification, opt to be a serpent, a phoenix...or a dove!

Match Made in Heaven - Jennifer Capriati & Matthew Perry

Look out, this week, in the sky just after dark. Gaze in the direction where the Sun went down. You should catch Venus, Mars and Saturn all cuddled closely together in a rare triple conjunction. This should be good for all who seek love.

The Match Made in Heaven? Jennifer Capriati Aries (March 29, 1976) and Matthew Perry Leo (August 19, 1969)
Are they really just 'good friends'? I wonder. Aries and Leo are both passionate fire signs and there is a natural spark between them. It does not take much to turn this into a roaring flame. As long as they have enough fuel (in the form of shared interest) to burn, this really can be a game, set and match made in heaven!

Saturn, Mars & Mercury

I ought, really, to say something new and different. I know that many people turn to this page for entertainment. Actually though, I feel far more inclined to repeat myself if this helps to persuade just one more person to look at the sky and witness the current, precious celestial spectacle. As the sun sets tonight, note the direction in which it is going down. Look there again a little later, just as it is getting dark and you will see Venus shining brightly. A little later, by her side, you will see Saturn and Mars. Mercury is probably not visible but it is also there. This quadruple conjunction suggests that despite current world tension - a time of great peace and plenty awaits us.

Rear-view mirror...

"Dear Jonathan, Back in February, you held a discussion about the past and the present. I hope its not too late to make a contribution but in the car, on my way home today, I was wondering why it was so important for vehicles to have rear-view mirrors? It occurred to me that, if we did not reflect on our past every once in a while we would not know how we got to the present - and would thus not know how to change the future. Also, if we are not careful... the past may come back and hit us in the rear!" Michelle
Dear Michelle, Of course it's not too late to join in this discussion. Expect even more on this topic over the last few months!

Quadruple conjunction

The current quadruple conjunction involves Mars (traditional ruler of Aries and Scorpio), Saturn (Capricorn and Aquarius), Venus (Libra and Taurus) plus Mercury (Virgo and Gemini). As all four planets are now opposing Pluto's position in Sagittarius, it is easy to imagine a sort of giant, all-inclusive, stress factory in the sky. To be "immune" from the influence you need to be born under Cancer, Leo or Pisces -but even these signs are having their dramas now. Happily, the tense climate is due to produce a positive outcome for everyone...eventually.

Libra illustrated

"Dear Jonathan, Every other zodiac sign is symbolised by a mythical creature or a godlike figure. How come Libra is the only sign to be represented by a machine! Best wishes, Tina."
Dear Tina, Justice is the oldest and most important concept in the world - and the sign of Libra has always represented it. Some claim that the scales were once just the Scorpion's claws until the Romans separated them out. But the ancient Sumerians, at least 2,000 years earlier, associated Libra with judgement. They called this sign, the balance of heaven or, in their language, zi-Ba an-Na. Now I know what you're thinking... but it's true!

New Moon plus Astronews

There are still some spectacular sights to see in the sky - as my colleague, Bernard Fitzwalter explains in Astronews today.

The most important event this weekend though is the one that we can't see. The Moon is new. It is therefore, completely invisible! People make a lot of fuss about the Full Moon. They get excited because they know that dramas are more likely to unfold - and that people tend to become a little crazy. The New Moon though, is every bit as powerful but usually in a somewhat more subtle, introverted way. Deep emotions, inner conflicts, anxieties, fears, dreams and hopes all tend to get stirred up in the period just prior to a New Moon.

Match Made in Heaven - Zara Phillips & Richard Johnson

Watch the Moon this week. In a few days time, just as she begins to reappear, as a tiny silver sliver, you will see two lights to the side of her. The bright one will be Venus - planet of love. The dull, red one, will be Mars - planet of passion. It is rare, wonderful and, some say lucky, to see them together like this.

The Match Made in Heaven? Zara Phillips (b. May 15, 1981) Taurus and Richard Johnson (b. July 21, 1977) Cancer
Are some signs better suited than others? Many astrologers feel that Taurus and Cancer make an ideal combination. But really it is a matter of horses for courses. On this particular course the going is good. Watch carefully. We may yet see a right royal romp towards the finishing line of a happy future.


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