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August 1st to August 10th 2002

Fed-up with being a Taurean

“Yes. I am fed up with being a Taurus – described as dependable, reliable, responsible, etc. (see any book on Taurus). No one values those qualities any more and they are boring – I want to be something flashy and fun like a Leo.” Ruth Chase
Oh dear! Having given the matter some thought, I have decided that I really must publish my own observations about each zodiac sign. For I too dislike (and disagree with) much that the traditional textbooks say. Watch this space soon for a special series of zodiac close-ups.

Reincarnate as an Aquarian...

"Dear Jonathan, I love being an Aquarian - I can't imagine anything else I'd rather be. I'm sure you know the theory that you incarnate into a particular sign to learn the lessons of that sign and that your Moon is the sign of your last incarnation. I think that there's a lot in that. Also have you thought of doing a piece on how signs run in families? Best wishes Ali Ray"
Dear Ali, I've also noticed how signs run in families - and, even more impressively, how "astrological traits" tend to repeat themselves. I may well do a piece about this soon. But I'm not at all sure what I think about reincarnation. Nor can I remember whether I believed in this in my last life. If indeed, I ever had one.
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Match Made in Heaven? Jamie Redknapp and Louise Redknapp

People think that Chinese astrology is all about 'years' while western astrology is all about 'months'. But we have important years too. We measure them with the cycle of Jupiter which takes (roughly) twelve months to pass through each zodiac sign. It has just moved into Leo for the first time since 1991. Our new 'year of the lion' promises excitement and adventure for all.
Match Made in Heaven - Jamie Redknapp (b. 25.6.1973) Cancer and Louise Redknapp (b. 4.11.1974) Scorpio
Cancerians and Scorpios famously make sweet music together. Both signs are sensitive and prone to powerful mood swings. They make perfect partners - somehow they can always empathise with one another, no matter how low - or high - they get. She supports all his goals. He knows that their love truly is eternal.

The waning moon

We are now living beneath a rapidly waning moon. Some people compare this monthly process of expansion and contraction to the breath of creation itself. Others see the moon's appearance and disappearance as a veil being lifted and drawn. A new moon is a time of renewal: of fresh opportunity and of revived hope. The time just prior to a new moon can often be a little tense. It is like waiting for a thunderstorm to break. If your life seems edgy now, fear not. Much should clear in the next few days.

Worried about the asteroids

"Dear Jonathan, I am sorry to bother you, but I am really worried about the stories of an asteroid that is supposed to be ending the world as we know it. I have two beautiful young daughters and since I read the article about this last week I have not been able to think straight. I am beside myself - I keep looking at my daughters and wondering if they have a future I am literally worried sick...please help." Paul
Dear Paul, Your daughters have a wonderful future, as do we all. No such disaster is going to occur. And you can tell your daughter's daughter's daughter's daughter's daughter's daughters not to worry either!
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Planet watch

Venus is now moving into Libra. Mercury is now moving into Virgo. The Moon is growing new in Leo - which is the sign that Jupiter entered at the end of last week. The Sun is also in Leo now - as is Mars. For Leos, Librans and Virgos these are very special times. And for the rest of us, well, we are entering a phase during which secrets come to light, deceptions are exposed and bright new dreams are brought to life. There is much more hope for peace now than you might think.

Negative v positive

"Dear Jonathan, Given the long list of horrible things going on in the world right now, how do you know everything is going to be all right? If you're going to say these things, could you back this up with evidence? Everyone else, including New Agers, environmentalists, native Americans, indigenous peoples worldwide, and people of the leftward political persuasion, seem to think that the world is pretty rightly ****ed. Why don't you? I'm not asking this idly. I really want to know what you know that the rest of us don't. Lise"
Dear Lise, Negativity is contagious. So too, though, is positivity - and I am a great believer in the power of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Zodiac signs

Several readers have recently requested a change of zodiac sign! Astrology, of course, is about empowerment and choice - not just passive resignation. If there is something you don't like, you always have the ability to change it, if you are willing to try hard enough. That's what I firmly believe. But I have a suspicion. I think many people dislike their signs because they have read warped or distorted accounts of what those signs are really supposed to be like. Starting on Monday, here in this space I will attempt to put the record straight.
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Match Made in Heaven? Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson

Johannes Kepler was the father of modern astronomy. He worked out that planets moved in egg-shaped orbits. He was also an ace astrologer. He identified a set of aspects, 72 degrees apart - called quintiles. He saw these as most auspicious. Uranus and Pluto form one of Mr Kepler's quintiles this week.
Match Made in Heaven? Justin Timberlake (b. January 31, 1981) and Aquarius Janet Jackson (b. May 16, 1966)
Taurus Many people believe that every relationship is ultimately a power struggle. Not so here. With an Aquarian and a Taurean there is no struggle. There is simply no contest. The Taurean wins every time - and the only option that the Aquarian has is to accept as much gracefully. Justin clearly likes strong, stroppy women. Here though he may have met more than his match.


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