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August 12th to August 17th 2002


No Aries-born person will ever let a problem get the better of them for long. No matter how daunting the task, they will rise to it with enthusiasm, courage and commitment. They will never let a friend suffer or an injustice go unavenged. Arians don't beat about the bush. These energetic, impulsive warm-hearted people reach conclusions swiftly; they are quick-witted and grasp many facts in a short time. If you want to know what it's like to be an Arian, imagine owning a Ferrari sports car. Your vehicle is a waste of power and potential if it's not being pushed to the limit. The temptation is to speed dangerously and brake sharply, even on city streets. That's why Arians are often considered impatient. It's also why they are accused of using sledgehammers to crack nuts. But when there's a long distance to travel in a hurry, that Ferrari comes into its own. And when there's an important task to tackle, Arians are unbeatable! Put Arians under pressure and they'll show inspiring efficiency. If you need to move a mountain, ask an Arian.


A Taurean's greatest gift is his or her empathy with the natural world. Taureans appreciate the majesty and magnificence of creation and so they strive, in all they do, to emulate the beauty and strength that they see in nature. Taureans are loyal and blessed with power to inspire others to reach new heights. Taureans are tenacious and don't stop till they get what they want. Tenacity without capacity is, of course, pointless - but fortunately Taureans are also diligent and discriminating. While your Taurean friend probably prefers efficiency to excitement, it doesn't mean that he or she is dull. Nothing but the best will do for Taureans. They have insatiable appetites for everything fine and refined. Elegant eccentricity is their trademark. It's not easy to explain why Taureans are so acquisitive and earthy, yet so creative and ethereal. But they don't see it as a problem, and nor should we. If there's a drawback to being a bull, it's moodiness. When Taureans aren't plodding towards a goal, they can be melancholic. These patient people always need to feel they are getting somewhere.


Every Gemini is a dreamer of dreams. Geminis are the zodiac's perpetual children - refusing to betray their innocent faith in the possibility of a happier world for all. This deep inner well of simple, trusting enthusiasm makes every Gemini a potentially powerful person. Never try to argue with a Gemini - unless you can handle a conversation that sweeps wildly from one subject to another, like a sort of intellectual roller-coaster. Geminis love a good debate and to ask questions. They're never afraid to probe people on subjects others would diplomatically avoid. Geminis suffer from intermittent dark moods which happily, don't last long and they're soon ready to communicate again. You can say things to a Gemini which most other people would consider crazy - and find yourself being taken seriously. Likewise, you can expect to hear the oddest ideas being earnestly expressed by your Gemini friend. Geminis can be exasperating because they prefer thoughts to feelings. They try to rationalise things which can't be rationalised, like love, affection, sorrow or desire. This can lead to misunderstanding but sometimes leads to brilliant, original insights.


Cancerians are the zodiac's most sensitive souls. They cannot help but feel concern for, their fellow humans. They are never happier than when making someone else happy, never sadder than when they fear they have inadvertently caused hurt. Anyone with a Cancerian friend has little need of anything else in life. Cancerians like to play it safe. They have powerful emotions. When a Cancerian feels strong attraction, all caution flies out of the window. Consequently, Cancerians spend their lives trying to re-stabilise between the last big upheaval and the next. In the attempt to be steady and settled, Cancerians can let people take them for granted. But when one of those strong inner urges surfaces, they'll overthrow everything and take breathtaking risks. They justify it with the hope that their action will lead to stability and better circumstances. Usually it does. It's useless speaking to them about common sense when they're in the throes of passion. They'd have to ignore you. For, while Cancerians are good at looking after others, they hate to be told what to do!


A Leo's greatest gift is natural buoyancy. Leos always maintain faith in humanity and trust in life's hidden magic. By burning these two inner flames, Leos cannot help but bring light and warmth to the lives of others. Leos love to be admired. They can't help it - they're just built that way. They tend also to be built headstrong and highly strung. So while they can easily attract the attention they want, they don't always attract the respect which ought to come with it. Leos can be strong about wanting their own way and difficult when they don't get it! Other people are like this too, but Leos don't manage to hide their feelings so well. Happily, they're equally unable to disguise their more positive feelings. Leos feel deeply and care passionately - and a happy Leo can radiate enough warmth to defrost an icebox! With such a sunny disposition there's normally much contagious enthusiasm to be enjoyed in a Leo's company. The sign of Leo is ruled by the sun which is why, with almost breathtaking regularity, Leos will somehow find a way, in any situation, to shine like a star.
Plus Astronews from Bernard Fitzwalter.

Match Made in Heaven? Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Normally we get one full moon per zodiac sign per year. Every so often, though, we get two full moons one right at the start of a sign, the other right at the very end of it. Last month we had a full moon in Aquarius and this week we get another. The sky is powerful now.

A Match Made in Heaven? Ben Affleck (b. August 15, 1972) Leo and Jennifer Lopez (b. July 24, 1970) Leo
Leo is ruled by the Sun and, here on this earth, there is only ever room for one sun at a time in the sky. But then, Ben and J-Lo do not really live in the same world as the rest of us. They are stars and thus fully entitled to twinkle together in the firmament of fame. This twin solar system may continue to shine brightly for longer than many people now expect.


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