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August 19th 2002 to August 24th 2002


Every Virgo has a mission to educate. But they rarely do so by loudly putting their point across. They prefer to listen, understand and then teach by gentle example. The Virgo spirit is essentially a healing spirit, wanting true physical and emotional well-being for all. Virgos have tremendous timing and impeccable insight. They also have searing self-doubt which inhibits them from abusing those talents. This all helps make them very reasonable people. Virgos are simply sensible yet sensual. They want to enjoy life but they know the dangers in such hungers. They form elaborate contingency plans and see the potential repercussions of every move. Unlike those who shoot first and ask questions later, Virgos ask first and only fire if they know they've aimed the right weapon at the right target. Virgos, on the inside, feel intimidated by their own ambitions, but at the same time frustrated by their reticence - a dichotomy which can't ever (and should never) be resolved. It's also the reason why Virgos are attracted to other Virgos. Virgos are sociable, amenable and helpful, no matter who they are with.


As the zodiac's appointed guardian of justice a Libran's task is to weigh intellect against intuition and the need to be fair against the need to be firm. Thus they often have to make choices few people can understand. This cosmic burden they bear with grace and good humour. Librans, like chameleons, can fit in almost anywhere with almost anyone. That's why they are accused of being indecisive. They are sensitive to social undercurrents and want to do what's expected of them. This stems from a great need to be accepted. Yet it conflicts with another Libran need - to make a strong impression on their environment. In a Libran mind, that argument is: if you want your own way, it's better to inspire co-operation than confrontation. As a philosophy it's admirable, but in practice... Libra is the sign of the scales. Often Librans swing from one extreme to another in an attempt to find balance. But Librans can make even strangers feel special. They are affable and charming and always believe that what they are doing is for the greater good.

A Scorpio’s mission is to discover the truth and awaken others to it. Scorpios are thus blessed with sharp minds, yet sharper instincts and still sharper tongues. As, however, there can be no truth without understanding and no understanding without compassion, the Scorpio personality itself is not in fact sharp but endlessly, vulnerably soft. Scorpios are determined. They normally get what they want – or at least what they think they want. The trouble is that at the heart of every Scorpio there’s an insatiable hunger for an impossible dream. Enough is never enough, and you had better get used to this if you want to get on with your Scorpio friend. Happily, that restlessness is the hardest thing to handle in a Scorpio. Their straight-talking honesty can also be controversial, which is why they are careful about who they allow to get close to them. Scorpios are sometimes accused of having an obsession with sex. Scorpios are passionate and they throw themselves into every experience. They simply want the most from life and take their pleasures as seriously as their commitments.

Sagittarians quest for spiritual enlightenment, seeking the elusive bridge of wisdom which links the world of the finite to the world of the infinite. Though many choose to wear the jester's cap, it rests on the head of the zodiac's deepest philosopher. If you're free and easy, a Sagittarian is your ideal companion. They're game for anything, full of wild ideas and bold as brass. If you're cautious, though, you can rely on a Sagittarian to unnerve you! Sagittarians are as deep and sensitive below the surface as they are happy-go-lucky above it. They hate convention and can feel badly trapped by a standing commitment. Their enthusiasm lasts only while there's challenge or novelty, but this doesn't make them unreliable - for they will always honour an obligation. Sagittarians have great difficulty saying 'no', an endearing quality based on irrepressible optimism. The closest they'll normally come to a refusal is a hesitant 'maybe', - easily mistaken for a guarded 'yes'. Learn to read the signs and your life will be easier and their relationship with you will be much happier.

Capricorns are the keepers of the cosmic clock. They treasure the history and measure the mystery of the passing hours. A Capricorn, however, doesn't so much seek to take time as to give it. To create opportunity for others by helping them make more of life's most precious resource is every Capricorn's noble wish. If you need something done, contact a Capricorn. These down-to-earth people tackle tasks one step at a time and rarely let anything intimidate them. Even under pressure, you're unlikely to see a Capricorn crumble. On the surface, at least, they're stable, inspiring others to entrust them with responsibility and authority. Beneath the Capricorn crust, however, is a very soft centre. Capricorns seethe with hidden hopes and intense emotions. They usually repress these, using them as a driving force to propel them towards ambition. Even so, those emotions are still potentially dangerous. Sooner or later, something will detonate them. Capricorns know this, but still hate to admit their feelings. Capricorns are full of useful information and ideas. They always have something interesting to say. They're good listeners too. And they are wise. Very wise.
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Marriage Made in Heaven? Lisa Marie Presley & Nicolas Cage

Pluto has been moving backwards through the zodiac since the end of March. This week the small but powerful dark planet heads off in a new direction. Expect more drama on the world stage but also less fear. We have lately had too many false anxiety attacks.
A Marriage Made in Heaven? Lisa Marie Presley (b. February 1, 1968) Aquarius and Nicolas Cage (b. January 7, 1964) Capricorn
Lisa's last marriage didn't work out so well, but this one is due to be different. Her new husband is a Capricorn just as her daddy was. But she is certainly not mistaking him for a father figure. Aquarius and Capricorn are both ruled by Saturn, planet of time. This partnership will stand that test.


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