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August 26th 2002 to August 31st 2002

A A Milne

You may be wondering why all of today's forecasts make reference to A.A. Milne's famous stories about Winnie the Pooh. I have to confess that I was asking the very same question while I was writing them. After all, Milne was a Capricorn so mid-August seemed a very strange time to be impulsively honouring his work. Then I looked at the calendar. It was August 21 (I write these forecast several days in advance). It turns out that Milne's son, the real Christopher Robin, was born on August 21, 1920. I honestly didn't know this - I was just acting on a whim. How spooky!
Tomorrow we will resume our journey through the zodiac.


Aquarius may be the sign of the water-bearer, but Aquarius is no water sign. Aquarius belongs to air and thus to thought, philosophy and intellect. Aquarians have plenty of sensitivity and passion but believe emotion should be the servant, not the master, of the heart. Aquarians thus seek to help us all treasure and cherish the gift of objectivity. If you need expert advice, ask an Aquarian. No matter what the subject, you can be sure your Aquarian friend will venture a definitive answer. Nine times out of ten, that answer will be informed and accurate - it's the tenth time you must watch for! Aquarians don't consider themselves capable of error, so they give no clues. So, if you are to get along well with them, you need to have a good sense of humour and a slightly sceptical nature. Aquarians are what they are. They can't be changed, so you must learn to love them for it. It's worth doing, because Aquarian assets far outnumber Aquarian defects. A little aloof and self-important they may be, but they are also generous, considerate and extraordinary. There's nothing dull or predictable about an Aquarian. They're far-sighted idealists, humanitarian philosophers and open-minded thinkers. Once you've got used to their odd ways, you'll find their friendship irresistible and their company addictive.

Pisceans are the zodiac's magicians. They may not pull rabbits from hats but they do perform daily acts of amazing transformation. The Piscean's greatest gift is the ability to turn despair into hope and fear into faith. Pisceans specialise in helping us find the hidden wonder in that which we might be tempted to dismiss as ordinary. Pisceans don't miss much. They have a special inner radar which lets them tune into hidden messages, and somehow they always know what's really going on in people's hearts. You'll rarely find a Piscean abusing this gift, though, because Pisceans are as sensitive as they are sympathetic. It's just as well. If their ambitions were as ruthless as their instincts were keen, there'd be no stopping a Piscean, ever. Happily, nature has made most Pisceans content to value human warmth above material gain. There are, of course, exceptions. But even the occasional avaricious Piscean is prone to the same basic handicap as his or her less competitive cousin - an over-active imagination. Pisceans are full of visionary enthusiasm and creativity which every poet, artist, musician, storyteller or inventor needs.
More on the planets?

I hope you have enjoyed our series on the signs of the zodiac. There is, of course, much more that I could add. Indeed, I am already thinking about a second feature covering more of the psychological traits and patterns that distinguish each sign. I have also had several requests for a series about the planets; what they represent and what aspects of life they govern or "rule". But I don't want to bore everybody so, before I launch into another marathon, I would like to conduct a straw poll. If you are really interested in hearing more about all of this type of thing, write me an e.mail

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Match Made in Heaven? Alam Davies and Julia Sawalha

Gradually, this week, the moon will shrink from a slice of lemon to a ripe banana to a toenail clipping. Eventually it will disappear entirely. Under a waning moon we become more conscious of what we are waiting for. Then, slowly, we start to find it.
Match Made In Heaven? Alan Davies (b. March 6, 1966) Pisces and Julia Sawalha (b. September 9, 1968) Virgo
Opposites do not always attract. Sometimes, they repel. Invariably though they have a powerful reaction to each other. Pisces and Virgo are opposite signs. This red-hot relationship has a potent dynamic at its heart. It is based on the best cosmic recipe of all: a glorious mixture of trust...and lust.


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