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September 2nd 2002 to September 7th 2002

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Much to my surprise I have received a flood of letters from people who purport to be keen on a series covering the planets and the items that they govern. So far nobody has raised a dissenting voice. Personally, I suspect the postman is an astro-enthusiast and is keeping back the letters from folk who find this kind of thing a trifle dull. But, hey, we live in a democracy. So I will follow the example of George Bush's brother and ignore the 'hanging chads' that surround this issue. Tomorrow we begin a nine-part series on the traditional meaning of each moving body in the night sky.


Mercury travels so close to the sun that it is often very difficult to see. (Sunlight outshines it at dawn or dusk). Perhaps this is why many cultures gave Mercury the personality of a trickster and ascribed to it the rulership of commerce and trade. In Greek mythology, Mercury was Hermes, winged messenger of the gods. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo In your chart, Mercury describes the way your mind works. Your thought patterns. The way you communicate. The subjects that interest you and the way you approach them and your attitude towards information in general. Traditionally, Mercury rules advertisIng, air travel, authors, bargaining, books, clerks, clothing, computers, editors, history, hygiene, intellect, lectures, logic, messages, mercury (the metal element), nerves, post, respiration, signals, talking, telephones, typewriters, Wednesday, wit, writing, youth.

Venus is the closest planet to Earth, which makes her the brightest ‘star’ in the sky. So bright that she almost twinkles like a star. Like Mercury, she can always be seen close to the Sun, rising and setting just behind or ahead. In Greek mythology, Venus was Aphrodite, goddess of love. In your chart, Venus describes the things you are attracted to…your artistic and romantic inclinations. The way you feel about the people in your life and the way they feel about you. Your love life, your creative (and procreative) aspirations are all ruled by Venus. Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus. Traditionally, Venus also rules art, entertainment, music and beauty, adornment, amusement, boudoirs, brass, confectionery, dance, desire, dimples, doves, emeralds, fashion and femininity, flowers, grapes, immorality, intimacy, justice, lingerie, love, marriage, money, partnership, relaxation, sexual intercourse, social centres, societies, style.

Mars is further from the Sun than the Earth. It glows red in the evening sky and, unsurprisingly, almost every culture associates this colour with a bloody, battle-minded personality. In Greek mythology, Mars was Ares, god of war. In your chart, Mars describes your desires and your determination. Your will to succeed, to conquer and to achieve your ambitions. Mars also describes your temper and your temperament. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Traditionally, Mars also rules: armour, armies, blood, butchers, cars, controversy, disease, engineering, executives, garlic, guns, heat, heroes, incense, inflammations, iron, knives, locks, murder, passion, penetration, pipes, pirates, radiators, razors, sarcasm, stamina, sport, surgery, tobacco, virility, wrestlers.
Jupiter plus Astronews

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and is often personified as a large, humorous and benevolent uncle. In Greek mythology Jupiter was Zeus, king of the gods. In your astrological chart, Jupiter describes your optimistic outlook. The luck you allow yourself to have, the opportunities you allow yourself to take. The extent of your aspirations and your desire to reach beyond yourself. Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter. Traditionally, Jupiter also rules: amplification, capitalism, celebration, college, courts of law, doctors, feet, foreign countries, furry animals, glory, gluttony, law, legality, luck, ceremonial magic, merchandise, merit, millionaires, monasteries, over-indulgence philanthropy, philosophy, preachers, prestige, professors, profit, pulpits, religion, science, ships, splendour, success, thighs, tin, Thursday, travel, truth, wisdom.
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Match Made in Heaven? Renee Zellweger & Matthew Perry

Jupiter is now opposing Neptune. This alignment occurs only once a decade. It brings forth new visions, begins new adventures, boosts Hollywood’s takings at the box-office and (usually) inflates the price of oil. It also tends to produce drama for Sagittarians and Pisceans.
Match Made in Heaven? Renee Zellweger (b. April 25, 1969) Taurus and Matthew Perry (b. August 19, 1969) Leo
Leo and Taurus are ‘fixed’ signs. They both value loyalty, commitment, consistency. But some Leos like to be the centre of attention, while some Taureans resent playing second fiddle. Is Matthew just clocking up celebrity notches on his bedpost? If so, Renee will swiftly spot it.


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