Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 9th to December 14th 2002

Jonathan away - Eric Francis

Jonathan is on holiday this week and will be back next Monday. Each day this week, one of the world's finest astrologers will be writing your forecast. Today's guest writer is Eric Francis, from Seattle. His newest project is a weekly horoscope newsletter that covers everything from the Mayan calendar to holistic therapy, with innovative, hot writing about newly-discovered planets. It's also the only place to get Eric's sun-sign horoscopes every week. Details at
Eric Francis: Today the sun and moon precisely align with two of the most powerful planets, Uranus and Pluto. But they do so at exactly the same time, at 5:01pm, a synchronicity that's nothing less than a booming voice from heaven. The sun, our solar will in its most spiritual and visionary form, aligns with Pluto, the planet of soul. And the moon, our guiding light of intuition, joins forces with Uranus, the revolutionary passion for freedom. This combined theme is uniquely modern, because we live in a time when there are great efforts being made by millions of people to balance out their male and female energies, and to express both deeply. If there's one day of your life that's not guided by fear, let it be today.

Jonathan away - Yasmin Boland

Jonathan is on holiday this week and will be back on Monday. Today’s guest writer is Yasmin Boland who divides her time between sunny Sydney and London town. She’s the author of Cosmic Love, a pocket-sized book about using astrology, feng shui, crystals and more to draw love to you. Yasmin appears in the new UK magazine, Closer, and her daily Moon Meditation column is on her website
Yasmin Boland: It was revealed this week that Cherie Blair was, er, ‘weird’ enough to listen to an advisor who suggested, among other things, that there are certain Moon phases which are best for doing business under. Is this the thin edge of the witchery wedge? Is Cherie about to start sacrificing small animals and giving all her money to occult sects? Unlikely. Just as the Moon guides gardeners when to plant new seeds, for example, it also hints about the best time to make investments. Today, the Moon moves into gentle Pisces. This makes it a great day to go dancing or to the movies, to meditate, to muse upon music, to rest yourself and to open that bottle of fine wine you’ve been saving.
Jonathan away - Nick Campion

Jonathan is on holiday this week and will be back on Monday. Nick Campion who was Jonathan’s first astrology teacher in the heady atmosphere of north London in the early 1980s. Nick is still teaching – and is also the author of a string of best-selling books. To receive Nick’s occasional newsletter, sign up at:
Nick Campion: It’s a fascination with stars that turned me on to astrology many years ago, assisted by that wonderful song from Perry Como – ‘Catch a falling star and put in your pocket’. Recently I was checking out Jupiter through my telescope. This huge body is made of poisonous gas and ravaged by storms more powerful than anything we could imagine. If it was much larger it would be a second Sun. The reason is that it is so huge that if it were any bigger it would collapse in on itself and ignite. I wonder what it would be like to have two Suns. The nights would be shorter, that’s for sure. No more night-life. Hmmm!
Jonathan away - Patty Greenall

Jonathan is on holiday. Today’s guest writer is Patty Greenall. Patty lives in London with her two children. She is an expert in horary astrology which uses current planetary positions to help answer specific questions.
Patty Greenall: There are a number of different planetary influences to consider when writing a horoscope… For example, you could look at the position of Jupiter if you wanted to find out if it’s your bank balance or belt size that’s about to get bigger. Or you could look at the effect of the sun if you wanted to know what will bring light into life. For that matter, you could consider at any combination of planets for just about anything and look at how and where they are moving in order to find out what might happen next. With Venus and Mars sidling up next to each another in the sky at the moment in the passionate sign of Scorpio, it’s hard to ignore the exciting, seductive and sensual side of life. Find out where your strong feelings are best placed…
Jonathan away - Adam Smith plus Astronews

Jonathan is on holiday and will be back in The Look magazine tomorrow and on this page on Monday. Today’s guest writer is Adam Smith. Adam, 34, is the astrologer for Spirit magazine. In the new year he will also be writing astrology articles for the Times Educational Supplement.
Adam Smith: What do you call thirteen witches in a hot tub? A self-cleaning coven!
Fear and loathing of the thirteenth is said to come from ancient beliefs about witchcraft, though any numerologist will tell you thirteen is actually a fine and upstanding number. Thirteen full-Moon cycles of 28 days equals 364 days, plus one makes 365, which is where the measure of ‘a year and a day’ comes from, still recognised in law. As for Friday, it comes from the name of the love goddess, Venus, in the Norse pantheon - ‘Freya’s day’. Personally, I’ve always sworn by the saying ‘Thank Goddess it’s Friday’.
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Different worlds plus Happy Birthdays

For millions, it’s now nearly Christmas. For millions more, it’s nothing much in particular. Our world is full of people who live in ‘different worlds’. But Pluto and Saturn now suggest that some of us may soon find more common purpose than usual.

Happy Birthday!
Christina Aguilera - Sagittarius born December 18, 1980
Princess of pop? Or a so-so singer trading on her youthful sex-appeal? Christina, who turns 22 on Wednesday, is a Sagittarian and she doesn’t care what people think. She just knows she will be a star forever. And she is probably right.
Happy birthday also to Stephen Spielberg (55) and Keith Richards (59) both on Wednesday, Jane Birkin (56) today, and Billy Bragg (45) on Friday.


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