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February 1st to 9th 2002

Susie and Puff were innocent!

A reader called Shelline wonders whether little Susie may have suffered from Narcolepsy - but Jenny from London has been kind enough to send me extracts from an Everly Brother's biography. This speaks of the writers deciding to "tone down" the lyrics of their song. Meanwhile Wendy B and Dave Lundgren are amongst many who have taken umbrage at the notion of a dope smoking dragon. Puff, they insist, was never like Prince Harry. Finally, a big thank you to Jean from Merseyside, Diane from Leeds, Doreen from Northcotes, Terry from Edinburgh Elizabeth from Portsmouth and Ken from Newton Abbot - and all the other lovely people who have written in to say that they can understand (most) of what I write.
PS. It's Don Everly's birthday today

Mercury's peculiar behaviour

Highlight of this week's Celestial show is the peculiar behaviour of Mercury. It has been slipping backwards through Aquarius for some while. This week though, it briefly returns to Capricorn. Many astrologers expect this to coincide with news of some past scandal that has finally been brought to light.

Birthday words

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Who do you share your birthday with? Who said what and when were they born? Check out the Birthday Words section... enjoy

Birth charts at point of conception...

A reader called Leayne Alden writes, "Dear Jonathan, I was born at 11:55am but apparently, I did not start breathing until noon. Which of these times should my horoscope be calculated from?" Dear Leayne, The only moment we astrologers want to know about is the moment when you drew your first independent breath - not the moment your head emerged or the moment that the doctors cut your umbilical cord. Well, I say the only moment. There are some astrologers who work, or claim to work, with the time of conception - but how on earth they work that out, I dread to think!

Buying the moon

A reader called Lol Craven writes "Some time ago, I heard that a family friend bought his father 2 acres of the moon. I was puzzled so I enquired further. I was told that someone had bought it and was now selling off parts of it. This got me thinking. Can anyone rightly say that they own the moon? And if so, who owns the rest of space? How DO you go about buying a planet?" Dear Lol, as far as I know, the people who sell parts of the moon are just selling fanciful certificates - but I could be wrong. If anyone knows the definitive answer to this, do drop me a line.

Earth shifting

Reader Vickie Turner writes: "My husband has recently become an amateur astronomer. He read that in the last 2,300 years the earth has slightly shifted on her axis and I am no longer an Aries but a Pisces. Is he right?"
He is partly right. The earth has indeed shifted on its axis due to a slight natural wobble in the way it rotates. This why part of the constellation of Aries now appears where part of the constellation of Pisces used to be seen. Astrologers work (and always have worked) with divisions of the ecliptic - these do not shift over time. Your husband's confusion has come about because divisions of the ecliptic are named after constellations (or star clusters) - even though they are quite different.

Chiron and Astronews

Last week, in one of my Virgo forecasts, I mentioned that sometimes, I consider the influence of "Chiron". I have since had many letters from people who want to know what "Chiron" is. For the record, it is one of those chunks of rock in space that some people call a large asteroid and others call a small planet. KX76, the new planet discovered last year, is another. Chiron though, is nearer to us (it lives between Saturn and Uranus) and we have known about it for nearly 25 years. Some astrologers work extensively with this "wounded healer". Others are still unsure of it. Steve Judd is a big Chiron fan. Today, in our weekly Astro News, he explains what it means to him. Click here for Astro News.

Match Made in Heaven - Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

From an astrologer's point of view there is nothing special about February 14. Indeed, there is due to be very little romance in the sky this Valentine's Day. If you are looking for love you will, of course, be able to find it - but you may have to look quite hard.
Match Made in Heaven? Humphrey Bogart (b. January 23rd 1899) and Lauren Bacall (b. September 16th 1924)
The Hollywood Studios gave out Bogart's date of birth as December 25. For years we all thought he was a Capricorn. Now the truth is out. He was an Aquarius and his relationship with Virgo Bacall thus contained the classic antagonistic dynamic that all relationships need if they are to thrive. All couples secretly want to be like Bogart and Bacall, and while that may not be possible, this is Valentine's week... so who knows?


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