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February 11th to 16th 2002

Princess Margaret

My children, this weekend, have been asking me who Princess Margaret was. I offered Sofi (ten) the following explanation. Imagine that you are a Princess. One day your daddy dies and you feel very sad. The next thing you know, your big sister has become the Queen but nothing has changed for you apart from the fact that you are not allowed to marry the man you love. "Oh dear," said Sofi, "That sounds horrible."

Tibetan New Year

Today's New Moon involves a rare triple conjunction between the Sun, the Moon and the planet Uranus. It also heralds the start of the Tibetan New Year. This is, of course, the Chinese New Year too but, as China is still showing no intention of withdrawing from its outrageous invasion of Tibet, I would rather put the spotlight on this poor, beleaguered nation with its rich spiritual tradition. Let us hope that in the Tibetan year of the Horse - which is supposed to bring strength and success to all - there is finally some move towards justice.

Selling the Moon

Last week, a reader asked whether anybody has the right to sell pieces of the Moon. I have since had a flood of email on this topic - mainly from folk who are horrified at the idea. Several people have directed me to a UN treaty which clearly states that nobody can claim the Moon. At a website though, called they acknowledge the existence of this agreement but argue with various bits of it. The Moon, they say, still belongs to them and their customers. Interestingly, while I was reading their website I heard the distinct sound of a feline violinist, accompanying a sniggering poodle. And when I logged off, I found that some of my cutlery had vanished!

Valentine's from Mars

I always insist that the sky does not really know anything about Valentine's Day. It is an just earthly festival that has no connection to the cosmic calendar. Now though, I am starting to think again. Here is a real detail from recent photo of Mars! To see the original visit the Mars Global Surveyor at the NASA JPL site!

Safe to fly?

"Dear Jonathan, I am due to go on holiday with my family in May. Whilst having coffee with a friend she said I should cancel or alter my plans. Her daughter studies the stars and has warned her not to fly anywhere then. She has already changed her own plans to fly at this time. What should I do?" Yours faithfully, Mrs G Clover, Mansfield, Notts.
Dear Mrs Clover, My advice is to wait until the amateur astrologers of this world have spread their story a little further and then take advantage of all the cheap flights that have suddenly become available. There will indeed be a rare, sharp angle of opposition between Saturn and Pluto at the end of May. But I would be quite happy to fly anywhere on the day of the event or at any time during the weeks before and after it. Indeed, I'm already making plans to do just that. And I suggest you do the same.

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Match Made in Heaven? Kym Marsh & Jack Ryder

When two planets form a right angle, people tend to see things from the wrong angle! This week, Venus (planet of love and money) forms a right angle to Saturn (planet of restraint and restriction). Expect a few fallings out and fallings over... after which it should turn out nice again.

Match Made in Heaven?
Kym Marsh (June 13, 1976) Gemini
Jack Ryder (September 21, 1981) Virgo
Some people say that Gemini and Virgo are very well matched. Those people though, are not astrologers. The real fans of the Gemini/Virgo combination tend to be... er... well, Geminis actually. And,um... Virgos! But then Geminis and Virgos DO think that they get on extremely well. The rest of us suspect the relationship is all talk and not much action - but then what do we know?


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