Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

July 8th to July 13th 2002

Jonathan back - The Living Planet

Many thanks to the astrologers who took such good care of this page last week. While I was away I read an interesting article. On Tuesday, The World Wide Fund for Nature, is due to release a report called 'The Living Planet'. This documents the alarming rate at which we are plundering the earth's recourses. It suggests that by the year 2050 we will urgently need to colonise other planets in order to survive. Suddenly, everything begins to make sense. Over the past few decades there have been an ever increasing number of UFO sightings. The aliens, clearly, are joining forces to police our planet and make sure that we do not export our nasty culture of bigotry and greed to other parts of the universe!

Horoscopes the same in different hemispheres?

People often ask me how the same forecast can apply to someone born in Sydney, Australia, and London, England. They point out that the antipodean sky is substantially different. Indeed it is. The signs of the zodiac though, are visible from both hemispheres though (obviously) not at exactly the same time. Right now, when the Sun rises in England, it is rising in the sign of Cancer. Several hours later, the same Sun rises over Australia - in the same sign of Cancer. Or, to put it another way, I have a cat that hangs around my house, eats three meals a day and sleeps on the furniture. He is a crafty cat. He goes out, regularly, to the neighbour's house, where he eats their food and sleeps on their settee. Both of us think we have a different cat!

Reboot your life

Whenever the Moon is new, we all get a chance to reboot the computer of our life. Currently, the Moon is new in Cancer. For Cancerians, this heralds the imminent installation of fresh memory and improved processing power! For the other signs, it implies a much needed 'close down and start afresh' in the following departments of life. Aries: home and family. Taurus: travel and transportation. Gemini: finance and security. Leo: Health. Virgo: Social and political involvement. Libra: Status and Career. Scorpio: Faith and belief. Sagittarius: Passion and Secrecy. Capricorn: Contracts and commitments. Aquarius: duties and obligations. Pisces: risks and pleasures.


Dear Jonathan, While my friend was in America she visited a psychic who told her a lot of things that were clearly true. She then went on to predict that my friend’s husband would leave her, that there would be ill health – and that she would have to give up her job. Sheila, Essex.
Dear Sheila, Your friend did not visit a psychic, she visited a telepath. People with strong telepathic powers can pick up amazingly detailed information about us. This allows them to give spookily accurate readings about the past and the present. It does not, repeat not, enable them to see the future with any great degree of clarity. Please tell your friend not to believe a word of it.

Glimpsing tomorrow

Yesterday, I spoke about the difference between psychics and telepaths. I did not mean to cause offence but I do feel very strongly that none of us can see the future! We can all, of course, see snippets. To get a glimpse of what tomorrow holds you don’t need any special skills. To get a slightly greater glimpse, it may well help to practise astrology – or use some other form of divination. But no matter what methods you use or how gifted you may be you will never see the full picture. And the moment we see a future in which there is no choice, no hope or no room for improvement – is the moment our view has become dangerously obscured.

Quincunx - Match made in Heaven - David Blaine & Daryl Hannah

A quincunx is a discordant alignment in the sky. Under its influence, people feel restless. No fewer than four such angles are due to form in the coming week. Expect turbulence that seems worse than it actually is.
The Match Made in Heaven? Daryl Hannah (b. December 3, 1960) Sagittarius and David Blaine (b. April 4, 1973) Aries
Aries and Sagittarius are both fire signs. They are both courageous to the point of recklessness - highly volatile characters who can change with the wind...which is why they will need to use every trick in the book to make sure that this magic lasts.


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