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July 15th to July 20th 2002

Moon's Day

It's Monday - and, for some, that fact alone is enough to trigger off a bit of a mood. But maybe that's appropriate, for moods are traditionally ruled by the Moon, and what we call Monday was once 'Moon day'. Each day of the week is named after one of the seven traditional 'planets'. Sunday is named after the Sun. Saturday is names after Saturn. The other days use the Norse planetary names. Thus, Wednesday is named after Odin, the Norse equivalent of Hermes or Mercury, and used to be known as Odin's Day. And as for Thursday and Friday, well, I'll tell you more about that on Tiw's Day!

Roman mythology

Tiw was the Norse God of War. He was the equivalent of Mars in Roman mythology. Tuesday was once Tiw's Day. In France they call it Mardi - in Italy Martedi, and in Spain Martes. Thursday used to be Thor's Day. In Germany they call it Donnerstag, which translates as 'thunder day'! Thor equates to Zeus in Greek mythology and to Jupiter (or Jove) in Roman. In French, Thursday is Jeudi; In Spain, El Jueves; and Italian, Giovedi. Freya was a beautiful Norse goddess - the equivalent of the Greek Aphrodite or the Roman Venus. Freya's Day eventually became known as Friday.

Seeing the future

"Dear Jonathan, How can you say that the future cannot be foreseen? When you know well that there are countless people who have had events accurately predicted in absolute detail. Regards, Andrew."
Oh dear, I appear to have been misunderstood. I was not, last week, trying to saw off the branch of the tree on which I am sitting. I was merely pointing out that it is an extremely flimsy protuberance. Those who walk upon it, including myself, must take great care to show respect and restraint. The best that anyone can ever see of the future is a glimpse. To pass this off as the full picture is as daft as to assume on the basis of a movie poster, that you have witnessed the entire film.

Cusp births

Yesterday, several papers carried a story about twins born under different signs. Little Jake was born just before midnight on Feb 19 while Samuel was born just after midnight on Feb 20. This, they said, made Jake an Aquarian and Samuel a Piscean. Not so! As I have explained many times before, the dates given on pages like this are only approximate. The actual time of the change can vary, each year, by as much as 24 hours. This year, the sun entered Pisces on Feb 18 at 8.13pm. So Jake and Samuel are both Pisceans!
If you were born within a day or so of a “cusp” and you would like full, final confirmation of your zodiac sign, just call the zodiac line and select option 7. (Sorry, this service is currently only available from the UK, Australia and Canada.)

Stock market

I know that many people are concerned about the recent, dramatic dive that the stock market has taken. Many people have asked me for my opinion on this but several have pointed out that, back at the beginning of the year, they made a very clear prediction regarding the threat of recession. I said that it would not happen. I still say the same. We are looking at an isolated snowstorm, not the start of some new ice-age. Jupiter, this very weekend, forms a harmonious triple conjunction to Mercury and the Sun. this will not, on its own, completely reverse the recent trends but it will bring us all some bright encouraging news - and a taste of improvements that are still to come.
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Full Moon - Match Made in Heaven - Natalie Imbruglia & Chris Martin

It's full moon week. Again. They come around so quickly, don't they? Once every 28 days, to be precise. Just as they pull the oceans, full moons govern the tides of our emotions. Powerful passions may be unleashed soon.

The Match Made in Heaven? Natalie Imbruglia (b. February 4, 1975) Aquarius and Chris Martin (b. March 2, 1977) Pisces
In theory, there's room for a positive relationship between the water-bearer and the fish. But the water in that Aquarian urn is strictly symbolic. It actually represents airy intellectualism - an element no sea-creature can survive in. So is this her big mistake? Will he end up turning yellow? Perhaps not. This is a challenging match, but it can be made to work.


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