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July 22nd to July 31st 2002

Emily Dickinson

"Dear Jonathan, You ask what are all those asteroids, fragments of a shattered planet, doing there? Well, I think they are like the 'miles of sparks' in the poem by Emily Dickinson: "The Red - Blaze - is the Morning - The Violet - is Noon - The Yellow - Day - is falling - And after that - is None - But Miles of Sparks - at Evening - Reveal the Width that burned - The Territory Argent - that Never yet - consumed." Hope this helps. Meanwhile, how come you are so unfair to the people who were born under the constellation of Ophiuchus - the serpent bearer? Graham Harman"
Dear Graham, thanks for the poem. Sorry to disappoint you - but there is NO thirteenth sign. Never was. Never will be. I shall explain more tomorrow.

13th sign of the zodiac?

Yesterday a reader asked me about the “13th sign of the zodiac.” I’m sorry if my reply sounded a little abrupt. It is a free world, you can have a 13th sign if you want to but not if you use the system I work with. A few thousand years ago the ancient Greeks reached a conclusion. They felt that the heavenly power of the sky lay not in the star groups but in the band of sky against which those constellations lay. They also knew that these star groups were imprecise, of unequal size and prone to drift over time. So they decided to divide up the sky into twelve totally equal sections - which would never change again regardless of where the constellations moved.

Star-sign transplant...?

"I am fed up with being Cancerian! I have a lot of drive and ambition, but I constantly find myself getting over-emotional and being too sensitive. I know that Cancerians are also thought of as natural mothers, yet children get on my nerves. Do you think it would be possible for me to have a star-sign transplant? I wouldn't mind being a feisty fire sign for a week and seeing how that goes! Do you think that any of us have the capacity to fundamentally change who we are? More importantly, should we? Tabitha."
Crikey! What a lot of questions. I think I'll come back to this one later.

Indian astrology

Earlier this week, I explained that the zodiac signs are not linked to the constellations – or groups of stars. They have been two, very different entities for several thousand years. To be fair though, I should point out that in some countries those patterns in the sky are still followed. Most notably, this happens in India – where the loose constellations are preferred to the precise mathematical divisions employed within my tradition of astrology. But the signs themselves there have somewhat different meanings. You can’t really put the two systems next to each other and say this is right and that is wrong. That would by like trying to compare a guitar to a sitar!

Does money bring happiness?

"Dear Jonathan, In your Gemini horoscope for Monday, you said that money doesn’t bring happiness. Oh please, please don’t insult your readers with that philosophical condescension! Money allows us to keep our houses, replace our broken down old cars, pay the dentist, the doctor, the vet. And it removes the dread fear of potential homelessness. Mr Cainer, get over that 'money doesn’t bring happiness' drivel! Money can bring happiness - it’s POVERTY and UNEMPLOYMENT that causes unhappiness! PJ Murphy"
Dear PJ, Thank you for your letter. I take your point…but I still believe that, if you are truly happy, you can withstand poverty and much other adversity too. And if you are not, no amount of cash will bring you joy. Er…what do other readers think? Email
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Match Made in Heaven? Alex, Kate and Adele

In the world of newspapers, we call this 'the silly season.' The politicians are on holiday. There is less news to report. Daft tales make the headlines. This week, Mars opposes Neptune and Jupiter forms a sharp link to Pluto. Someone somewhere is about to get giddy.

The Match Made in Heaven? Alex Sibley (b. March 21, 1979) Aries, Kate Lawler (b. May 7, 1980) Taurus, Adele Roberts (b. March 9, 1979) Pisces
Alex is an eager Aries. Adele is a Piscean who covers her natural vulnerability with a smokescreen of courage that leaves confusion in its wake. Kate is an earthy Taurean with a strong sensual appetite. Is there due to be a duo in this trio? I doubt it.

Change zodiac sign from Virgo

"Dear Jonathan, I wonder if I can request a change of sign, like Tabitha last week. I am a sensitive, worrying, wimpy Virgo and I am fed up of caring so much. I want to be tough and confident and carefree! Of course if you disagree I will meekly accept your decision! Best wishes, A.R."
Dear A.R., I am still chewing this one over. I wonder how many more people feel a little uncomfortable about the traditional descriptions of their zodiac sign? I think perhaps I should do a special series soon to set the record straight. Meanwhile, I can assure you that Virgos, in true life, are anything but pushovers.

Money can't bring happiness but...

Last week I published a letter from a reader who was cross with me for suggesting there was no link between money and happiness.
Christie Healey writes…“Money cannot bring you happiness...but money can enhance your happiness. You can share it with friends, make timely donations to needy causes, or buy that expensive dress that makes you look like a million dollars. However, I take your point that if you are not happy there is very little that will sustain you over the long haul. Money can help distract you from your unhappiness and can act like an enormous, soothing dummy in times of emotional stress. Still, you take yourself with you wherever you go.”

Spiritual Midwifery

Last weekend, I went to a "Big Green Gathering". I met up with a bunch of healers, spirit workers, geomancers, artists, activists and alternative therapists. Several thousand people were camping at this solar-powered event, so many facilities had to be provided. One was the Spiritual Midwifery Centre. Run by a psychic called Mog. She is currently on a quest to travel the world, learning almost-forgotten techniques of child delivery from ancient cultures. She asked me to mention this to my readers in case some could offer her any support. We were halfway through a fascinating conversation when she had to stop to deliver a baby. I shall keep you posted on her progress.
Just two hours after this picture was taken, the woman on the right gave birth to a beautiful girl called Hope.


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