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June 10th to June 15th 2002

Jonathan away - Yasmin Boland

Jonathan is taking a break from writing the daily predictions - he will be back on Wednesday. Today’s guest writer is Yasmin Boland. Yasmin divides her time between sunny Australia and England. A full-time writer, Yasmin is the author of Cosmic Love, a pocket-sized book about using astrology, feng shui, crystals and more to draw love to you. It has recently prominently featured in the best-selling lists at You can read yasmin’s daily Moon Meditation column on her website
Yasmin Boland: There’s a New Moon in Gemini tonight at 11.45pm GMT (00.45am BST) which also happens to be an eclipse. This ‘annular’ eclipse will last for under 30 seconds and will be visible only from the Pacific, but it will definitely add a certain brilliance to all our charts. Many star-gazers see New Moons as a wonderful monthly opportunity to set your goals and add oomph to your wishes. So grab a piece of paper and write down your Top Ten Wishes for the coming month. For maximum impact you should do this immediately after tonight’s eclipse or as soon as you get up tomorrow morning. Keep the list safe and this time next month, review it to verify how many of your goals you achieved.

Jonathan away - Eric Francis

Jonathan is taking a break from writing the daily predictions - he will be back tomorrow. Today's guest astrologer is Eric Francis. Eric is a Seattle-based astrologer. He specialises in newly-discovered planets such as Chiron, and often works as a consultant to people in the performing and creative arts. His column appears weekly at and at Keyword MYSTIC on AOL-UK.
Eric Francis: ‘Eclipse’ is astrological shorthand for being carried by eagles across a mountain range. Mystics will recognise the idea of a dimension shift. The science-minded will recognise paradigm shift; others, the dawn of an era. As Today’s momentous Gemini eclipse vibrates through the galaxy, times are perfect for setting your highest intentions, if possible, with actions and not just thoughts. There’s a trick to this process: No compromises. Admit to yourself what you want and need, and take some concrete step to make it real. There are, to be sure, more than a few drops of Jupiter falling to Earth right now. She acts like summer and walks like rain / Reminds me that there’s time to change, hey, hey.

Jonathan back!

I am deeply grateful to the team of astrologers from around the world who have filled this space so brilliantly over the past week or so. Many readers have told me that they found their work accurate and enlightening - to the point where some have even been pleading for me to stay away longer! These people will be pleased to hear that I intend to take another short break in July. Meanwhile, refreshed and inspired from my holiday, I'm back - and I intend to be every bit as impossible to understand as ever!

Asteroid belt

Before I went on holiday we were discussing the asteroid belt. Many people feel sure that this was once a planet that broke up into pieces. If so, what did it represent? What quality or attribute did it stand for? What does the human race now lack? Suzie S. thinks it may have symbolised "unity". Vicki F. thinks it probably stood for "empathy". Terry I. feels that we are missing "heart". He says, "we simply don't know, cannot comprehend, do not remember the love that beats always inside each one of us." Meanwhile, Kay R. feels sure that she knows what it is that we have all forgotten: "A deep abiding respect for the gift of life"

Free will

Dear Jonathan, “The asteroid belt did not form as the result of a planet breaking up. It is simply a planet that has not yet formed. In my view it represents “free will”. When it comes together, this is what we will have.” My thanks today to a reader called Bill for the suggestion above. I am also grateful (I think) to Helen M. for her suggestion about the origin of the many asteroids that lie between Jupiter and Saturn. “When Satan fought the angels his home planet was destroyed. According to the Bible, he and a handful of survivors escaped to earth.” More (probably much more) on this topic soon.)

Getting confused

Venus is now beginning to oppose Neptune - which is good news for people who enjoy getting very confused. Mars meanwhile, is forming an antagonistic link to Pluto. If you like getting cross you'll enjoy the week. And if you don't? Stay calm and remember what matters.


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