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June 17th to June 22nd 2002

Deceiving tattoo

Whilst rifling through the Sunday newspapers I was intrigued by the salutary tale of a tattooed teenager. The lad had spent money on a message in Mandarin permanently etched upon his person. He wore it with pride until, one day, he went for a Chinese meal and he could not understand why the waitress was convulsed in laughter. Eventually she calmed down sufficiently to ask: “Those words on your arm – do you know what they mean?” “Yes,” he replied. “They say, ‘Love, honour and obey’.” “No,” replied the waitress. “They say, ‘This boy is ugly’!” This week Venus the planet of vanity gradually forms an opposition to Neptune – planet of deception. There may yet be a moral here for us all.

More on the asteroid belt

More today on the asteroid belt. A reader called Andrea suggests that “before it broke into pieces, this was the planet governing our psychic abilities. Those abilities are still in us but we have trouble tapping into them because they, like the parts of that one-time planet, are disjointed or unconnected.” Meanwhile, Richard D, an amateur astronomer, says, “I believe there never was a planet. These are simply asteroids that never managed to pull together to form something bigger.” In a way, I hope Richard is right. For this implies that, rather than having irrevocably lost something, we still have the potential to find – or create – an additional string to the bow of human experience.

Canada phoneline available

Announcement for our readers from Canada!Thank you to all of you who wrote requesting a phoneline to call for further in-depth horoscopes from Jonathan, (plus Tarot readings and much more). We are proud to announce the number to dial from Canada is: 1 900 677 2002 (calls cost $2.49 per min). Jonathan's phonelines are now available from the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia, USA and of course, Canada. If you'd like a number to call from the country you live in, drop us a line:

Summer solstice

For thousands of years the people of this land have stayed up all night to greet the solstice dawn. These days though, only a few uphold the tradition. Druids, travellers, pagans, hippies and of course, astrologers, still pay tribute to the Sun on the longest day of the year. They gather together in sacred sites. Where some stand silent in awestruck reverence while others whoop and cheer. Most people though, just sleep through the whole event. But this year, by a strange coincidence, millions are planning to be up and about just after dawn. Set your alarm a little earlier and you can be part of two great events tomorrow morning.

Sun rise over Stonehenge

Very early this morning, honouring a tradition that dates back many thousands of years, I stood and watched the Sun rise over Stonehenge. And you watched? No matter what the score - here's the real score. Fanaticism - two. Wisdom - nil. This wild enthusiasm for the World Cup is all well and good. But I do worry about the way in which it encourages us all to see ourselves as belonging to one "nation" or another. Ultimately, we all live on one planet and we all look up at one Sun. Whenever we remember this, we are winning. We can play any game we choose to but if we do not recognise that it is just a game - then we are really in danger of losing something of great value - no matter what the outcome.

Celestial cycles - Match Made in Heaven - Robbie Williams and Rachel Hunter

Yesterday morning, as the Sun rose over Stonehenge we celebrated the start of a new celestial cycle. The Sun is now in Cancer and over the weekend the Moon will grow full in the opposite sign of Capricorn. These are exciting times.

The Match Made in Heaven? Robbie Williams (b February 13, 1974) Aquarius and Rachel Hunter (b. September 9, 1969) Virgo
Astrologers usually feel that the signs of Aquarius and Virgo go together about as well as vinegar and ice-cream. There are though, exceptions to every rule and we may just have one here. She's older, that helps. He's a megastar, forever wrestling with his inner demons. Oddly enough, that probably helps too. Right now, he thinks that she's the one. Maybe, just maybe, he's right.


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