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June 24th to June 29th 2002

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon is now growing Full in Capricorn. So, while we have the sign of the Goat under the celestial spotlight, let's take a closer look at what it's all about. The first point to make is that it is not the sign of the Goat - it is the sign of the mer-goat, a mythical creature of the ocean. I am always amused to read books that ignore this and compare Capricorns to mountain goats: sturdy of foot and able to survive on slim pickings. Capricorns are, in truth, neither dull, dry nor drearily practical. They are enigmatic, magical people with a voracious appetite for the very best in life.

Caesarean section births

Last month my colleague Bernard Fitzwalter wrote about births by Caesarean section. He pointed out that these days, because so many babies are being born at times which suit the doctors, we are not getting the full spread of possible horoscopes through the day. We could, he argued, thus be growing worryingly short of key personality types. My own view is that, regardless of how you were born, your time of birth is your time of birth. You should neither speculate nor manipulate. That though, is only my view. A reader called P has been an astrologer for 34 years. She believes babies choose the moment of their arrival and that doctors, when they force surgery, may interfere with this process. She writes: "My last child was due in 1987 during a particularly stormy time in the sky. When the pompous consultant insisted that I have a Caesarean I refused. I decided to trust to nature. Surprisingly, the midwives backed me up. Two weeks later my baby was born. During that time the hospital experienced no natural live births!"

Asteroid belt - something missing?

More today about the asteroid belt which may once have been a planet. I have had emails on this topic from all over the world, including one from Jessica in California who writes, "I feel that we are all missing compassion. Everything in life these days seems to come down to greed." Bev, from South Africa meanwhile, thinks that the absent planet may have represented tolerance - a quality which she finds sadly lacking in the world. Sandra from Sydney though, says, "Why do we think we are missing something? The planet still exists - just not as it once was - maybe that's the lesson; things change, the essence remains. We should stop focusing on what is 'missing' and focus instead on what is good and with us now."

Caesarean births affect horoscope?

We have been talking lately about caesarean births and whether these can affect a child's horoscope. A reader called Marilyn writes, "My daughter Rebecca was supposed to have been born in early August. That would have made her a Leo. Due to complications in the pregnancy, she was delivered by a surgeon on July 17. I can assure you though, that she is QUINTESSENTIALLY Cancerian."

Going on holiday plus Astronews

So, having decided that I would take my next holiday in July, I then started casting around for a suitable date. I like to pick times when I feel that the majority of my readers will be feeling fairly comfortable. The outlook for next week is generally rather bright, so even though it seems as if I have just got back from my last break... I'm off again! A team of excellent astrologers from around the world will take care of you from tomorrow until next Friday. My telephone forecasts will remain online as ever.
Although, I normally don't like to give away too much about what I am doing on my holidays, you can gain a small clue tonight by watching the Glastonbury coverage on BBC2.
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Jonathan away - Bernard Fitzwalter

Jonathan is on holiday - he will be back next week. He says, "While I am away my respected colleague Bernard Fitzwalter is writing the predictions for your week ahead. I am sure you will find his words valuable."
Bernard: Birthday Celebrities - Tom Cruise (b. 3 July 3, 1962) and Steven Spielberg (b. December 18, 1947)
Tom Cruise, whose new film Minority Report opens this week, reaches the big four-o on Wednesday. He was born under the most extraordinary planetary alignment, a perfect triangle formed by Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun. Since Jupiter is the biggest planet, Neptune the planet usually associated with movies and the Sun is, of course, a star, his horoscope actually says 'big-film-star' in the clearest way possible - the celestial version of having your name in lights! Minority Report is not just any old sci-fi movie, either - it is directed by Steven Spielberg himself. Spielberg is a Sagittarian, and the usual astrological analysis is that Cancer and Sagittarius don't get on. In this case, though, there are other planetary factors at work, and the result is quite a stimulating mix.


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