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May 13th to May 18th 2002

Community of scorpions

I learn, to my amazement, that a community of scorpions has been living in the docks at Sheerness, Kent for 200 years. Now they are under threat from a building development. They cannot be protected by law because they are not a "native species." Something, surely, must be done. These yellowtailed scorpions are only a couple of inches long and their sting is no worse than an ant bite. They live in crevices and wait until a spider goes by, then they pounce. This keeps them busy for about ten minutes a year. The rest of the time they hardly move. I wonder if there is some deep symbolic significance in this?

National IQ Test

At the weekend the BBC held a "National IQ Test". When they categorised the participants by zodiac sign, they found that Aquarians got the highest score and Scorpios the lowest. But then, IQ tests are clumsy and often highly inaccurate. An IQ test will not tell you whether someone is generous or selfish. It will not show you whether they are creative - or unimaginative. It cannot measure wisdom, understanding or wit. Scorpios are sensitive enough to understand this. I doubt many of them bothered to enter.

Quintiple conjunction

Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury are all still very close and very visible in the night sky, just to the side of the Moon. Take a good look at this historic, quintuple conjunction tonight. Every time I look it I am reminded that another rare alignment is also taking place. We cannot see this but we can certainly feel its influence. The Pluto/Saturn opposition culminates for the third and final time at the end of the month. It really does now look as if the other planets are rallying to Saturn's defence in this extraterrestrial tussle. There may be more world tension before things quieten down but within the year, as a direct result of the current configuration, we will see a new lasting peace agreement in the middle-east.

Stunning picture

This stunning recent picture from Stonehenge captures Jupiter high above the stones with the planetary triangle of Venus, Mars and Saturn all clearly visible.
planets at stonehenge Credit & Copyright: Philip Perkins

Bits and bobs plus Astronews

"Many Very Early Men Ate Juicy Steaks Using No Plates." A reader called Ilsa recalls this mnemonic from her college days. The A in Ate, she points out, denotes the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Meanwhile, June from Sheerness informs me that the Scorpions are saved. "The wall they live in has now been listed and cannot be demolished." And on the topic of time, Eileen offers a poem: "The present is just a moment in time/ Gone by the time you finished this line/ What you just read, is in the past/ So look to the future, it's coming fast!" Or she says, you could change the last line to: "So get an astrological forecast?" You could. Or you might try, "So treasure each moment, as if it's your last."
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Match Made in Heaven - Lisa Rogers & Ralf Little

Sometimes, it seems as if the planets really are like players on a stage. This week, in front of the curtain, Saturn and Pluto are acting out a tense showdown. Yet quietly behind the scenes, Venus is slipping into Cancer - preparing for her joyous conjunction with Jupiter in early June.

Match Made in Heaven? Lisa Rogers (b. 7.9.71) Virgo and Ralf Little (b.18.2.80) Aquarius
Aquarians have to be right about everything all the time. Virgos don't "have to be", they just ARE! Thus, the success of this relationship depends on the Virgo's ability to humour the Aquarian - and on the Aquarians ability to avoid winding up the Virgo into a frenzy of irritation. It is possible - but it takes some doing.


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