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November 1st to November 9th 2002

Kwa-Oh-Wah, Kwa-Oh-Wah plus Astronews looks at the planet Uranus

Kwa-Oh-Wah, Kwa-Oh-Wah. So small that some people say it can’t be a proper planet (but then, size isn’t everything, you know.) Kwa-Oh-Wah, Kwa-Oh-Wah, a billion miles past Pluto (but then distance isn’t everything, either.) Kwa-Oh-Wah, Kwa-Oh-Wah, no dusty Greek or Roman mythology here. Real Native North American magic. Kwa-Oh-Wah, Kwa-Oh-Wah, the creator spirit who sings and dances a bright new world into being. Kwa-Oh-Wah, Kwa-Oh-Wah, A name we can chant. A spirit we can summon. A power we can invoke. A planet we can draw nearer to us, just by calling its name. I am fast coming to like this new discovery, Quaoar.
Bernard Fitzwalter's Astronews this week, looks at the planet Uranus.

Marriage made in heaven? Kate Moss & Jefferson Hack

Venus is now in Scorpio. So is Mercury. So is the Sun. And on Monday night the Moon will be new…in Scorpio! If you have something to hide you’ll have to work extra hard this week to keep it under wraps.
Marriage made in heaven? Kate Moss (b. January 16, 1974) Capricorn and Jefferson Hack (b. June 20, 1971) Gemini
Some astrologers think that Gemini and Capricorn make an unlikely combination. But the two have something strong in common. Namely, their strength! More boxers are born under Gemini than almost any other sign. Capricorns too tend to be heavy-hitters. When they get together to fight for a common cause they can be unbeatable.
Moon cycles

Those who live near the sea know all about the profound physical difference that a New Moon – like the one we have now – can make. Women, for much the same reason, tend to be more conscious of the moon’s power. Their inner 28-day cycle follows the Moon exactly. Some find that it culminates just before or after the new moon, some find that it coincides with the full moon. Most ‘switch’ between lunations every so often, going out of phase for a while until their bodies bring them back in line with the most natural rhythm in the cosmos.
The Moon and reproduction

If the Moon’s cycle takes exactly the same time as the female reproductive cycle, you might think that astrology could play a useful role in natural birth control. In theory, it can. Some astrologers prescribe regimes which are effectively extensions of the ‘rhythm method’ - with adjustments for the woman’s date of birth. But in practice... er... these systems tend to work better as a ‘guide to fertility’ for couples who are trying to conceive. Legends abound about an accurate ancient contraception formula but to rediscover this, you would need to experiment with a lot of trial and error. And who would ever volunteer for that?
Quaoar in Sag

Dear Jonathan,
A planet of singing, dancing creation sounds like just what we need right now. I've heard that Quaoar was discovered in Sagittarius. What does this signify? Greg
Dear Jonathan,
I read in another astrology column that Quaoar is being called the new ruler of Virgo. What does that mean for Virgos? Jen
Dear Greg,
It IS in Sagittarius and it will be for many more years. This planet spends DECADES in each sign. That means we can’t really read much into such information. Nor (sorry, Jen) can we possibly yet attribute it with a special meaning for any other sign. This planet is here for the whole world, not for any one particular group to claim!
The sky in the future

I have been taking a good look at how the sky is due to shape up next year. I notice that Mars will come closer to earth in August than it has done at any point in the past 73,000 years. Some might see this as an inauspicious omen and conclude that the end must be nigh. But, if the planet of war is coming nearer than any human has ever seen it before, perhaps this means something very different. I suspect it represents our first-ever chance to take a close look at how we handle conflict – and find a better way.
Incarnations... plus Astronews looks at Jupiter and Pluto

Dear Jonathan
I am sure you know the theory that you incarnate into a particular sign in order to learn the lessons of that sign and that your moon will always be in the sign of your last incarnation. I think there’s a lot in that. Best wishes, Ali
Dear Ali,
Some people have their sun and moon in the same sign. Does that mean they failed to learn the lessons of their last incarnation? And if this happens to be your very first incarnation? What sign would you expect the Moon to be in then? After many years, I am still not sure what I think about this topic. I will let you know in my next lifetime – if I ever have one!
Bernard Fitzwalter's Astrochat this week, looks at the alignment of Jupiter and Pluto.
Match Made in Heaven? Tara Palmer-Tomkinson & Mark Durden-Smith

Mars, Pluto and Jupiter form a harmonious alignment this week. That’s a promise of positive progress for anyone with a noble purpose to serve – or a meaningful mission to carry out.

A Match Made in Heaven? Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (b. December 23, 1971) Capricorn and Mark Durden-Smith (b. October 2, 1968) Libra
Legend has it that Libran Mark asked out Capricorn Tara live on TV. That’s believable – they both belong to ‘cardinal’ signs and there’s always the spark of instant attraction here. It may even last. But given the personalities (or lack of personalities) involved, she may yet regret her Bland Date.


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