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November 11th to November 16th 2002

The Future

I am currently preparing my predictions for 2003. I am trying, as I always do, to form a clear picture of the future. I want to address the economic outlook for various parts of the world, and predict events on the political stage as well. I often find this much easier to do if I am asked a particular question. “Will such and such happen – and if so, when?” Somehow, it is best when the Preenquirer truly wants to know. This draws from the astrologer the best possible insight. If there is some aspect of the world’s future that you would really like to know about, please drop me a line - with subject heading: The Future?

Read my rising sign?

“Dear Jonathan,
I am a Gemini but my rising sign is Leo. I read the forecasts for both signs every day but I am not always sure which areas of life they refer to. Can you explain more?” Annette
Dear Annette,
It is of course, a free world. You are perfectly entitled to do as you choose, provided that it is legal and that you can square it with your conscience! I hate to infringe upon such a basic right but I do feel very strongly that, even if you DO know your rising sign, you should forget all about it when consulting your daily forecast. One prediction per reader per day is all I EVER recommend!
Physical features of astrology

Dear Jonathan,
My friend and I have noticed that people have distinct physical features relating to their star sign. For example Virgos tend be thin with taught shoulders and Geminis have full lips. Or are we imagining this? Regards, Ranbir
Dear Ranbir,
Many ancient astrologers speak about the signs bestowing bodily characteristics. Leos, they claim, often have striking hairstyles. (Lion’s manes). Aries people (ruled by Mars) may be red in the face. But I can think of many exceptions to those rules and to the ones that you say you have noticed. And I do think it is always a mistake to place too much emphasis on what a person looks like. Don’t you agree?
Previous horoscopes

Hi Jonathan,
For years I have held the superstitious belief that reading past horoscopes is really bad luck. I feel quite strongly that to do so will somehow bring misfortune upon oneself. Is this common practice? Do you look at past horoscopes yourself? Nardia
Dear Nardia,
I look at ‘past horoscopes’ all the time. How else can I learn what happened last time a particular planet was in a particular place? How else can I work out why one particular prediction came true while another did not? I feel, quite strongly, that if you tell yourself, often enough, that ANYTHING is bad luck... that it is precisely what it will become.
Previous lives.... plus Astronews looks at "lucky signs".

Dear Jonathan,
I am intrigued. I keep hearing stories about certain signs, such as my own, which is Pisces. Apparently because Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac it means that I have been through all other eleven signs in previous lives. This is supposed to be my final life after which I go to the light to beam down on others. Is this true? Sarah
Dear Sarah,
I really don’t know how to answer your question. I cannot help but notice, though, it is very much the kind of question that a Piscean might ask. But if this is the way the universe works, nobody has told me.
Bernard Fitzwalter's Astrochat this week, looks at "lucky signs" from the sky.
Match made in heaven? Emma Thompson & Greg Wise

This week’s full Moon in Taurus brings a growing sense of intensity, followed by a time of triumph. The year is nowhere near over yet - as events in the news are clearly proving. But be in no doubt, almost all the current sagas have a happy end in sight.

Match made in Heaven?
Emma Thompson (b. April 15, 1969) and Aries Greg Wise (b. May 15, 1966) Taurus
How compatible are these two? Well, in nature, the ram and the bull keep a respectful distance, But in the field of human emotions, many things are different. Though this relationship will always be a test of strength, they can thoroughly enjoy the contest and may even take pleasure in locking horns.


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