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November 18th to November 23rd 2002

Shooting stars

Shooting stars should be visible over the next few nights. The earth is passing through a part of the sky that contains the Leonids. These are meteors that appear to emanate from the constellation of Leo. We always see them around this time of year but sometimes, they look much brighter and more spectacular. Astronomers expect them to be quite magnificent this year. If you want to see them, you will, of course, have to be looking at the sky and not at your TV. You will also have to hope that it is not cloudy. If or when, you do see a dozen or a hundred or maybe even a few thousand shooting stars dont forget to make a wish.

Penumbral eclipse of the moon

Weather permitting, if you look at the sky tonight you should see a glorious fat full moon surrounded by shooting stars. In some parts of the world the moon will soon dramatically change colour as it undergoes a penumbral eclipse. My predecessors would have advised everyone to wish on those stars and to make some kind of ceremonial gesture of respect in the direction of the moon. These days, we all live under electric lighting. We take nocturnal illumination for granted. We can see shooting stars any time we want to in computer games, and in movie special effects. We are jaded and worldly wise. But natural magic remains the most powerful force in the whole wide world.

Heroin addicts will say or do anything if they feel it is the only way to get their next fix. Whenever we think about this, we feel pity and disgust. Yet we live in a world that is just as desperately addicted... to oil. We have to have it at any cost. Many countries, for example, are in flagrant breach of important UN resolutions. Some argue that the special fuss about Iraq is just because it is so rich in oil! The sinking of the Prestige proves yet again, how insanely people behave around this horrible gloopy poison. Ironically, there are safer, cleaner forms of fuel that we could all be using right here and now - if only we were willing to make a few changes.
Heroin and meeting Kaz

Yesterday, I wrote about heroin addicts. Just a few hours later, I had a long talk to one. She was begging for money on the street and as I passed she called out, Arent you that astrologer? She told me her name was Kaz. She is 36, has been a junkie since she was 15 and took to sleeping in shop doorways 15 months ago. We talked about her drug habit and the way it was sucking hope out of her situation. She pointed out that without this, she could not cope with who (or where) she was. Tomorrow, Ill tell you more about what she said.
Kaz plus Astrochat look at the "passionate planets"

Im a Sagittarian. When will things pick up for me? Kaz looked right into my eyes as she asked this. Normally, I would have said We make our own luck in life. But somehow, it didnt seem appropriate. I mean, if you sleep in shop doorways and spend every day begging for just enough cash to feed your crippling heroin habit, there probably isnt much you CAN do. Especially if you have been a junkie for over 20 years. I asked her about rehabs, shelters and futures. But she seemed fairly resigned to a life (and death) on the street. Philosophical, really. Which is, of course, a very Sagittarian thing to be. Tomorrow is her birthday.
Bernard Fitzwalter's Astrochat this week, looks at the "passionate planets" and how they affect your love life...
Mars, Uranus & Saturn

Mars forms helpful links to Uranus and Saturn this week. This suggests fresh hope and inspiration in areas of life where lately, all has begun to look predictably oppressive or depressing.


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