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October 1st to October 5th 2002

Impassioned campaigner...

The further along the route we marched, the more I could feel my objectivity slipping away. Now, I was no longer a casual observer, I was an impassioned campaigner. I began to formulate a theory. Bush is merely stirring up this fight to prove himself stronger than his father. Could the most powerful man in the world be acting out a psychosis that he really needs professional help with? Perish the thought. we all know that American presidents are never dishonest, dishonourable... or dysfunctional!

"Psychic blackmail"

Last night I went on Watchdog to talk about “psychic blackmail.” Some unscrupulous characters who claim to be clairvoyant send out letters like this. “Dear Mrs Smith, I see that you are due to be very lucky. Send me a cheque so that I can make sure you do not miss out.” Or, “Dear Mrs Smith, I see you are about to go through a bad time. Send me a cheque so I can tell you how to keep disaster at bay.” Real astrologers and psychics know that it is totally unethical to play on people’s fear. If you ever get such a letter, throw it away or send it to me.
Fear and greed

The world seems to be full of people who will say almost anything as long as it gets them their desired result. You can hear this in the rhetoric of both sides of the current conflict over Iraq. Anger often leads to deception. So does fear. So too, of course, does greed. I have recently learned that some people in my own profession are just as guilty of making false claims and empty promises. Since yesterday’s piece about the unscrupulous psychics who extract money with menaces from their innocent victims, I have had a deluge of letters and e-mails. We shall return to this topic soon.
War.... Astronews

The drums of war are beating louder every day. Yet, as my colleague Bernard Fitzwalter explains in this week's Astronews, this is a quiet time. Rarely have the planets promised so much peace, harmony and prosperity for so many. So, all this sound and fury is actually likely to signify very little. The conflict will not escalate into some huge battle involving many nations. That doesn’t make it okay. But we all must be careful when we focus on what’s wrong, not to forget that there is much in this world that remains very right and very wonderful.
Match Made in Heaven? John Major and Edwina Currie

This week, just as Mercury finally begins to move forward once more, Saturn starts to go backwards. Venus too is slowing down prior to changing direction in the sky. Many people may feel this week, as if they are getting nowehere. But actually they will make great progress.

John Major (b. March 29, 1943) Aries
Edwina Currie (b. October 13, 1946) Libra
Aries and Libra are opposite signs and opposites usually attract until – or unless – they repel. These two certainly came at this relationship from opposite points of view. For her it was a triumph, for him an embarrassment. But, then, so too was the other great Libran love of his life – Mrs Thatcher!


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