Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

October 7th to October 12th 2002

New Moon

The new moon is often described as a great cosmic washcloth. Each time it ebbs away to nothing, it offers us the chance to wipe clean our relationship with the past. Conversely, when the moon is full, we tend to feel ‘maxed out’. Our inner blackboard becomes about as full as it can be. The current new moon is especially symbolic. It heralds the start of the week during which Mercury turns in its tracks. Business and communication problems should significantly diminish soon. Indeed, wherever there has been a sense of frustration or stagnation we can expect this to be replaced with inspiration.

Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment

Now that it is over I feel I can safely say a few words about Dave Gorman’s “Important Astrology Experiment” TV programme. I have grown used to spending my Sunday nights in fits of uncontrollable laughter. The man is a genius. I shall miss him. He is also, though I almost hate to say it, a classic example of the imagination and invention that we associate with his sign. To say nothing of intuition. The wild gamble which he successfully took at the end of the final show was perfectly Piscean. From now on I shall never read – or write – a patronising platitude without thinking of him!
Unethical clairvoyants

“Dear Jonathan, Last week, you wrote about unethical clairvoyants. Three of these have told me that I have been cursed. Apparently, it will cost a lot of money to remove this. I have never had much cash – so now I feel as if I have a cloud over my head. Can you recommend anyone who could help me?” Erika.
Dear Erika, Why not just stop listening to people who claim to be psychic? Then, you won’t have a problem any more! Meanwhile, I have added your letter to the pile of terrible tales on my desk. I am still working out what to do about this.
New planet - Quaoar

Last year, I got very excited about the new planet KX76. Now, scientists have made yet another thrilling discovery. This one is a ball of rock, 800 miles across, four billion miles from the earth. These days, they seem to be producing them like rabbits out of hats. It is much smaller than – and much further away than – Pluto. It goes by the name of Quaoar. Which is a name associated with a creation myth of the Tongva - an ancient American tribe. It is clearly a sign of hope and I look forward to saying more about it soon.
Australian Psychic Ass. plus Astronews

Simon Turnbull is the president of the Australian Psychic Association. He tells me that his members, ‘follow a strict code of conduct and work hard to protect the public from those who prey on the gullible.’ There are similar societies in Britain and America. I belong to one myself, the Astrological Association. We also strive to maintain a high professional standard but none of this seems to stop the rip-off merchants from issuing their scary threats and dodgy promises. Perhaps, we need one global “seal of approval.” I think I want to start working towards this.
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Match Made in Heaven? Anna Friel and David Thewlis

This week, just as Mercury finally begins to move forward once more, Saturn starts to go backwards. Venus too is slowing down prior to changing direction in the sky. Many people may feel this week, as if they are getting nowhere. But actually they will make great progress.

A Match Made In Heaven? Anna Friel (b. July 12, 1976) Cancer and David Thewlis (b. March 20, 1963) Pisces
These signs go together like apple pie and custard, shoes and socks, buckets and spades. There are, of course, some socks that clash terribly with certain shoes – or buckets that are too small for particular spades. But you have to try quite hard to find a reason why this cosmic combination won’t work.


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