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October 14th to October 19th 2002

Jupiter, Saturn and Mars

Jupiter has been forming a sharp link to Saturn since early September. Over the weekend this alignment culminated. It should now begin to lose its strength and the fear of global conflict should also begin to recede soon. Soon, but perhaps not quite yet, for Mars is now complicating the situation by forming a further tense angle to both of the planetary protagonists. This may also explain why so many of us are currently feeling edgy or apprehensive. One way or another, we are all in the process of facing our fears. Yet for those who are brave enough to embrace change this is a time that will bring relief and reassurance.

The outer planets

“Dear Jonathan, recently you explained the meaning of each planet. Unfortunately, I missed three in the series – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Could you possibly send me a copy?” Ann
Dear Ann, You didn’t miss these pieces. I didn’t write them! That’s because you can’t attribute meaning to these ‘new’ outer planets in quite the same way as you can the seven traditional moving lights in the sky. In my view, none of them ought to represent (or rule) any emotion, item or process that existed prior to their discovery. So the list for each of these planets is quite short. But I shall soon go into more detail about them.
Personal Profiles

Your Personal Profile Chart takes an in-depth look at your astrological inheritance. It identifies and explains your Moon sign, your rising sign plus a host of other key factors that are personal to you and which speak volumes about the kind of character you have the potential to develop. If you want to understand why you tend to be a certain way - or if you are interested in making the most of the talents that have been granted to you in this life, click here to find out more.
The state of the world

The state of the world may be bad – but it has always been so. Yet in some ways it appears to be better now than ever before. Consciousness is rising. Intelligence is increasing. We humans are beginning to develop a greater sense of community (or common unity) right across the planet. Intolerance is less widespread than it used to be. Thus, where it exists, we notice it more. We see it entrenching its position and becoming more extreme. This makes it stronger in one way but far less powerful in another. It is now like a fire that is blazing brightly on the very last remnants of its fuel!
Full Moon plus Astronews

This is a Full Moon weekend. There are many positive aspects to a time like this. Much magic is in the air. We should probably also though, be on the look out for the various less-desirable side-effects of a Full Moon. According to tradition, in alphabetical order, these may include: Angst, Barking of dogs, Carelessness, Drunkenness, Excitement, Fantasising, Greediness, High tides, Instant gratification, Juvenile behaviour, Kitchen Sink Dramas, Lust, Madness, Naughtiness, Outspokenness, Passion, Quixotisms, Restlessness, Silliness, Tension, Upheaval, Vampires, Werewolves, X-rated activity, Yobbish behaviour...and Zombies!
Friday's Astronews from Bernard Fitzwalter - find out what where Venus and Mars are heading next... click here
Match Made in Heaven? GavinRossdale and Gwen Stefani

As the moon now grows full in Aries we sense the growing mood of passion and excitement. This is not a time for waiting or trying to be patient, it is a time for action and adventure.

A Match Made in Heaven? Gavin Rossdale (b. October 30, 1967) Scorpio and Gwen Stefani (b. October 3, 1969) Libra
Scorpios do not beat about the bush. Librans aspire to reach a state of no doubt. The attraction here is powerful at many levels. Yet there is always a little something. That little something will either become the problem that ends the relationship soon after it starts or become the seductive mystery that keeps it alive forever.


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