Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 22nd to December 27th 2003

MONDAY December 22
Return from illness comment

I'd like to thank the wonderful astrologers who have sat in for me over the past couple of weeks. What began as a brief break turned into an extended absence due to illness. Of course that's often the way when you've been working hard for a long time. I should probably have seen this coming. If I hadn't been so busy looking at everyone else's future... but I clean forgot to investigate my own. Anyway, I'm on the mend... I hope... just in time for Christmas...
TUESDAY December 23
Christmas astrology comment

There are I suppose, tougher things to be than an astrologer at Christmas. A turkey, for example... or a teetotaller. Still, though, this is an awkward time to be making predictions. What am I supposed to say? Expect to be spending a lot of time with your family soon? Prepare to receive a gift? Try not to overdo it? To some extent, habits and traditions now dictate the patterns in our lives as forcefully as the planets. But there are still some celestial influences which are so powerful they can even be felt through the festive fog.
WEDNESDAY December 24
Space probe on Mars comment

Normally, on Christmas Eve, I write a set of spoof festive forecasts, designed to raise a smile over the holiday. This year though, I feel I must play it straight. As we all sit down to enjoy our seasonal celebration, a space probe is going to land on Mars. That's deeply symbolic, especially in the light of the close approach that this planet has recently made towards Earth. Once again, we're getting a chance to look at what drives us and why. And at how conflicts come about. And how they may be resolved. This will be a slightly more intense and meaningful time than usual. But it will yet turn out to be a time of education, revelation... and inspiration.
THURSDAY December 25
Christmas wishes

Merry Christmas! Peace and goodwill to All.
The daily horoscopes will be back tomorrow.
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FRIDAY December 26
Boxing Day comment - Adam Smith, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan is away. Today's guest writer is ADAM SMITH, a consultant astrologer who writes regularly for publications around the globe. Discover more about Adam, a keen musician, on his website

Adam writes: Depending on who you believe, Boxing Day was either the time when the upper classes gave workers their 'Christmas Box' bonus, or when the Church broke open the collection boxes and gave alms to the poor on St Steven's Day. A modern take on the tradition shows families slumped around another kind of box, watching comedy re-runs and feel-good movies on TV, but who cares where it really comes from? It is a time to do nothing much, and here's to it. Happy Boxing Day.

SATURDAY December 27
Jonathan back next week - Eric Francis, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan will be back on Monday. Today's guest astrologer is Seattle-based ERIC FRANCIS. You can read more of Eric's writing at his brilliant astrology website:


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