Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

January 27th to January 31st 2003

Reading your friends predictions

Dear Jonathan,
Last week, you said that you never advise people to read predictions for anyone else. I am interested to know why. I have a very good friend who moved away last year, I get the opinion that his relationship is not good and he would rather be back here. I find it very interesting to read his prediction each day. Natalie
Dear Natalie,
You are not alone! Few of us can resist taking a peek at the forecasts for our friends and loved ones. There is, of course, no harm in this... but I still maintain though, that if you really want to know what's due to happen in your own world, you are better off reading your own forecast.
Born on the Summer Solstice

Dear Jonathan,
My maternal grandfather was born on the Summer Solstice. He had four children. His oldest child and his youngest (my mother) were both born on the Winter Solstice (obviously several years apart). I am my mother's only child, and like her father I too was born on the Summer Solstice, June 21st. Is this a bit like so many members of your family being born on a Wednesday? Barry
Dear Barry,
Your coincidence is much more impressive than mine. After all, there's a one in seven chance of being born on a Wednesday. While to be born on a solstice your chances are closer to one in 182.5! There's a long astrological tradition of key astrological patterns repeating themselves in different members of the same family. I shall say more about this in a while.
Is the world divided between 12 signs equally?

Dear Jonathan,
As a curious Gemini I have often wondered if the world's population is equally divided between the 12 zodiac signs. Or are there more of some signs then others? Does anyone really know? - And do the numbers of each sign have any bearing on how the world is run? Tom
Dear Tom,
In most parts of the world, more babies are born in Summer than Winter. So the numbers for each zodiac are not equal in most countries. I'd like to think that this balances out across the population of the entire planet. But I don't know if it does. Perhaps an expert would care to enlighten us?
Lord of the Rings

Since I suggested that "Lord Of the Rings" was an atrocious film I have been swamped with outraged letters. I am sorry if I upset fans of that movie. I merely meant that it had disappointed me because it seemed to emphasise everything dark in the book - whilst reducing to a minimum (or cutting completely) all that was most magical about it. Astrologers though, really ought not to have opinions. These cloud their judgement and attack their impartiality. So I withdraw my comments. Besides which, if I am going to get into trouble for having an opinion, I may as well make it a big one! So tomorrow, I shall talk about something much more important.
The opinion of an astrologer

Astrologers really should not have opinions. They impair impartiality. Nor, come to think of it, should we have emotions. These too, present obstacles to objectivity. We really ought to be like robots... or computers. Unbiased. Detached. But... er... well, sorry and all that but I just can't help having a few passions. Besides which, I happen to believe that destiny is negotiable. Nothing ever "has to happen". If we try hard enough to change the outcome of any situation, we can. It is my opinion that this phoney war for oil in Iraq really does not have to happen. It can still, even at this scarily late stage, be prevented - if enough people register an objection to it.
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