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November 17th to November 22nd 2003

MONDAY November 17
Moon Tongue email

Dear Jonathan
Do you know anything about people who have a 'Moon tongue'? I know someone who has spots on his tongue that rotate during the month (and as the moon changes). It is very odd. I have seen it with my own eyes? What causes this? And what does it mean? Allie

Dear Allie,
Wow! After nearly three decades as an astrologer, I clearly still have more to learn. I have never heard of a 'Moon tongue' or anything remotely like it. Maybe a reader, somewhere, can enlighten us.

TUESDAY November 18
Harmonic Concordance birth date query

Dear Jonathan,
Last week, you said the Harmonic Concordance would have a big effect on people born on May 6. My daughter was born on this day. I am now worried in case she has a tough time ahead. Deborah

Dear Deborah,
Who said anything about a tough time? Before the Harmonic Concordance concludes this weekend it will create several other red hot birthdays. I'll list them all soon. But the 'worst' anyone will experience is a sensation of being blinded by the light of revelation before reaching a dramatic new decision.

WEDNESDAY November 19
George Bush comment

"To make an accurate prediction, you must be objective." That's rule number one in the astrologer's code. Rule number two, though, reminds us that if we care enough we can alter the outcome of any process. George Bush has arrived in Britain during a rare harmonic concordance. Voices raised now, stand an excellent chance of being heard. Knowing that, I can't just stand back. So tomorrow, I shall be taking the day off from this page. I am going on the protest march in central London. I do hope you'll join me there.
THURSDAY November 20
How far does your mind go? by Rupert Sheldrake

We have been educated to believe that our minds are inside our heads. But some scientists, including myself, think our minds stretch out beyond our brains, and are not confined to the inside of our bodies.
Our minds may be like fields. Magnetic fields stretch out around magnets, and the invisible electromagnetic fields of mobile phones reach out far beyond the phones themselves, enabling them to send and receive messages.
To see the difference between the mind-in-the-brain theory and the extended mind theory, consider how vision works. Look around you now. Is what you see outside you, just where is seems to be? Or is it inside your brain?
The standard answer is that images are inside heads. Vision involves a one-way process: light moves into the eyes and is detected by cells in the retinas. Electrical impulses travel up the optic nerves to the brain, where complex patterns of chemical and electrical activity take place. Then for some unknown reason, you form images of the external world inside your brain.
This theory means that the world you experience around you is actually inside your head. If you look up at the sky, what you see there is in your head too. That means that your skull must be beyond the sky!
I prefer the alternative theory. Your skull is just where it seems to be. What you see is outside you. Vision involves a two-way process: the inward movement of light and the outward projection of images. Every time you look at something, the fields of your mind stretch out to touch what you are looking at.
Can the power of your attention actually influence what you look at? Yes. Most people have found that they can sometimes make people turn round by looking at them from behind.
The sense of being stared at is real, and can be detected in scientific tests, as I discussed last week. Through our extended minds, our thoughts and emotions can directly affect other people. They can also affect animals, as many pet owners have noticed. More about this next week.
I would be grateful to hear from readers about their experiences of the power of looks with animals or other people.
FRIDAY November 21
The Perfect Time to Push for Peace! - Protest comment

The Perfect Time to Push for Peace!
My feet are a little sore and my ears hurt. Protest marches are always very noisy. And slow. At one point we went down a street that you can normally get down in about five minutes. It took us over an hour. But despite it all, it felt just wonderful. Demonstrations like this are always heartwarming. People from all walks of life come together to let the world know how deeply they object to some terrible injustice. They do this despite knowing full well that their efforts will be belittled. Last time, they marched in their millions, and still the government went ahead with a war. What then, was the point of yesterday's demonstration? Well, for me, at least, there was every point. The planets are now forming an exceptional alignment. The Sun and Moon are at parallel latitude. A solar eclipse is imminent. The earth is effectively passing through a portal. Normal rules are suspended. Miracles are suddenly possible. Lies simply have to be exposed. Efforts to promote greater peace and understanding are 'obliged' to have a good result. This, I hereby predict, is one protest that really will turn out to have made a big difference.
SATURDAY November 22
The Stars That We Just Can't Trust

Two weeks ago, I passed on a message from an Indian astrologer called Veena Minocha. "The world," she insisted, "is about to go through a time of unprecedented change. The Harmonic Concordance will cause us all to face our unresolved issues. The pace of life will speed up as our eyes open between now and the next Solar Eclipse." That eclipse occurs this weekend. We won't be able to see it from Britain but we will certainly feel its influence. We are indeed, already feeling it. Just look at what has been happening in the news. For over ten years, for example, a nasty finger of suspicion has been pointing in Michael Jackson's direction. To millions though, he remains a walking god. Because we love his music and feel sympathetic to his childhood horror story, we have extended him a 'benefit of the doubt' no lesser mortal would ever have been given. It now looks though, as if this self-proclaimed Peter Pan really has been lying about the innocence of his relationships with those little lost boys at Neverland. Perhaps it is all just a 'scurrilous falsehood' but one thing is for sure. Venus, the love life planet in Jackson's birth chart, was caught up in an exact antagonistic link to the Moon during that recent Harmonic Concordance. This certainly highlighted the big 'unresolved issue' that surrounds him. It also drew attention to another unresolved issue, affecting all of us. Quite why IS our world so celebrity crazy? Why do we get so intoxicated by the famous that, even when they talk rot, we inclined to believe it.

There's an interesting comparison here with the continuing 'mystery' of Iraq's missing weapons of mass destruction. We feel less inclined, these days, to believe our Prime Minister, no matter how sincere he sounds. We have, though, no doubt that President Bush means what he says when he declares that a policy of violence is the way to bring about peace. As these two pair up like comedy Keystone Cops to chase irrelevant enemies, events in Istanbul oblige us to consider another unresolved issue. Where, exactly, is Osama Bin Laden? One thing we can be sure of is that Bush and Blair are unlikely to know. Their intelligence sources, after all, cannot even spot a Daily Mirror reporter in a palace!

Actually though, a hopeful issue arises from all this. As we approach tomorrow's Solar Eclipse, it is clear that if anyone ever is going to bring this world away from the brink of insanity, is never going to be our politicians. Or the pop stars. Only when ordinary people raise their consciousness high enough to see what's truly going on will we ever manage to make the planet a better place. The message from the sky is... believe it or not... that may yet happen!


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