Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

October 27th to October 31st 2003

MONDAY October 27
Shooting Stars and Angels Passing

Dear Jonathan,
In 1997, my mother was dying. She had been in a coma for days. But I knew why she was hanging on. We were both waiting for important news about my daughter who she cherished. The night it came, I stopped at the hospital and whispered it to her. As I left, I saw shooting stars, low in the sky. I felt at peace and thought at once that it was her, along with her angels, passing on. Soon after, I got the call. She had indeed died at that moment.
With love, Sherrie.
TUESDAY October 28
Mars and Jupiter in Egyptian mythology

Dear Jonathan,
Last week, a reader wondered how Mars could be bringing secrets to light when it is the planet of aggression.. and justice is Jupiter's department. Perhaps the answer lies in ancient Egyptian mythology. This describes Mars as a warrior called Herukhuti whose job is to uphold the balance of truth. When a situation is "not in line with truth" he is aggressive in his pursuit of righteousness. Meanwhile, Jupiter, the planetary symbol of Tehuti in Egypt, symbolizes the judge who measures our hearts when we pass from this plane. A different aspect of Justice.
Reshakher M'Baye
WEDNESDAY October 29
Giant Fireballs from the Sun

Having a tense time? It could be because giant fireballs from the sun are now causing a geomagnetic storm in our atmosphere. Though Ocoronal mass ejections occur fairly often, the last few have come hot on each other's heels... and have all been exceptionally big. People are already reporting freak phone and power problems across the planet. The fireballs also seem to stirring up a lot of electric drama in people's hearts and minds. On Friday, we'll take a closer look at the influence of these solar ejections. And at what they could be trying to tell us.
THURSDAY October 30
John Michell - UFOs and alien contacts

It was 35 years ago when I met for the first time someone who had been abducted by aliens. He was Ivor Brown, then aged 18, from Northern Ireland. On his way to a dance one night, he was approached by two females, beautiful but not human. Nearby was their spacecraft. They took him into it and showed him things that he did not afterwards talk about. Then they released him and he went home. An erotic fantasy, you might say. But after this experience, Ivor was totally changed, and so was his family. They kept seeing UFOs and felt in communication with them. Ivor developed psychic powers. His interests widened and he felt he had been woken up to life.
Since then I have heard many similar stories. But sometimes they are not so happy. I have met young people who were abused by aliens. It was painful and they dreaded it. Sometimes it was still going on. How would you deal with that? By prayer is my answer. Those creatures are not intelligent beings but demonic entities. The only way of driving them out is with divine aid.
Among the letters you have been sending me about UFO sightings are several accounts of meetings with aliens. In almost every case it has been a pleasant event. Everyone says how difficult it is to describe, and no-one claims to understand it. My overall impression is that we are being taught something, a lesson long overdue. It begins with: You Are Not Alone. That is something we should know already.

Simon in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, has been in contact with aliens since the age of five. At first he was frightened but they never hurt or abused him, and became friends. They kept him bright and happy, and he has learnt much from them.

Colette in the USA had some painful experiences with the sinister alien types called 'greys'. But in the end, she says, 'I learnt a lot from those little guys!'
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FRIDAY October 31
Out of the Darkness

Jonathan writes: How odd that on this day of all days, Michael Howard should be gliding as if by magic towards undisputed leadership of the Tories. He was born on July 7, 1941 which makes him a secretly sensitive Cancerian. Like all born under the crab though, he knows how to hide this behind a tough shell. He also, clearly, knows when to crawl out of sight beneath a rock and when to sneak out sideways with surprising success. As his colleague Ann Widdecombe still refuses to retract her insistence that he has 'something of the night about him', I have double-checked my astrological judgement against the mystical Tarot cards. Last night, under the thin sliver of a waxing Moon, I drew The Hierophant for him. That's spookily apt, especially when you consider that Salvador Dali renamed this card The High Priest. I predict that Mr H is about to become the most successful Tory leader since Mrs T. Now THERE'S a scary thought for Hallowe'en.

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