Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

April 12th to April 17th 2004

MONDAY April 12
No thought for the Day

TUESDAY April 13
Mercury enters Taurus

Are you waiting for a set of terms to be agreed? It may be a few more weeks before things sort themselves out completely. Mercury, the planet of commerce and communication is now moving apparently backwards through the sky. When it began to turn in its tracks, it had just entered Taurus. Now it is slipping back through Aries. It won't be 'back to where it was' for another month. But that's good news for all who need to revisit the past or rewrite history. It may not be too late to alter something that you thought was a done deal.
Jupiter comment

Jupiter is now forming two tense astrological angles, one to the Sun and one to Venus. Jupiter though, is a hopeful, helpful influence. Even when it is stirring up trouble, it is somehow doing good. If you've now got a problem that needs clearing up or a complex situation that needs sorting out, it may be that it cannot happen until a drama of some kind has helped to shift stale or awkward energy. Look for the bright side of any seemingly stressful or negative development. You may yet decide it is not so much bright as brilliant.
Political Predictions comment

I am often asked to make political predictions. 'Who will win this election?' 'What will happen to this leader... or that one?' I do, occasionally, attempt an answer. But, really, I ought not to comment on such matters. Astrologers can only make predictions with confidence when they feel truly impartial about a person or a situation. If we let our opinions colour our judgement, we risk great embarrassment. But this much I will say. The planets speak of an imminent 'rising of consciousness and conscience', all over the globe. That should soon reduce the number of idiots holding high office!
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FRIDAY April 16
Easter email response

Dear Jonathan,
Last week, in your forecasts, you mentioned Easter. I couldn't help but think of all of your readers who might celebrate Passover or Eid Al-Adha (Hajj) or some other holiday. Maybe you could be more inclusive in future.

Dear Helen,
When I write these forecasts, I can't make any assumption about my reader's age, marital status, employment situation or cultural background. All I have to go on is the zodiac sign and the planetary picture. I only meant to refer to Easter as a 'holiday season'. I just wanted to acknowledge that, for most folk, the weekend was special. Sorry this caused you so much offence.
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