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April 12th to April 17th 2004

MONDAY April 19
The influence of the eclipse

To benefit from the influence of an eclipse, you don't have to go out and watch it. You don't even have to be in a part of the world where it is visible. An eclipse is a symbolic signal. It alerts astrologers to an effect that many sensitive people can feel, even if they have no knowledge of what's going on in the sky. Somehow though, they sense that it heralds a time to 'wipe the slate clean', to let go of the past and make a brave gesture of faith in the future. Today's eclipse opens up a 'phase of opportunity' that will last for a couple of weeks.

Today's partial solar eclipse is visible only from southern Africa and parts of Antarctica between 11.29 and 16.38GMT

TUESDAY April 20
Eclipses come in pairs

Eclipses come in pairs. The solar eclipse, that took place over some parts of the world yesterday, will be followed by a lunar eclipse in early May. Astrologers agree that they herald major change - and that often they suggest a 'rebirth' process. Some, though, go further and say that in the period between the two eclipses it becomes possible for people to travel between 'alternate universes'. They argue that portals or doorways to different dimensions open up. And that if you want to change your future - or even modify an aspect of your past, at a time like this, you actually can!
Mars Pluto comment

There is, as you may have noticed, a big drama being played out in the sky at the moment. Mars, the planet of 'power and aggression' is opposing Pluto, the planet of 'transformation and obsession'. That's why there's so much excitement around and why we keep hearing tales of global tension in the news. Things may get more intense over the next few days but there will not be an escalation into anything more serious. Meanwhile, if there's drama in your personal life... try not to feed it too much thought, energy or argument.
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Miracles happen all the time

Two comets arriving this year - comment from Australia
We may be living through tense times but they are magical too. It's funny though, how we notice all the things which are clearly wrong yet rarely stop to recognise the many matters which are wonderfully right. Miracles happen all the time, all around us. Rather than celebrate them, we shrug them off and focus only on whatever is making us mad or sad. Something in the current cosmic climate though, may yet open a window of opportunity. Expect soon, a little moment of recognition where you, and others around you who are sensitive too, suddenly see how much we all have to be glad of.

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FRIDAY April 23
Culmination of Pluto's opposition to Mars

This weekend brings the culmination of Pluto's opposition to Mars. That's the awkward little alignment that has been making life seem so tense for so many people lately. We may find that matters get more stressful before they subside and we return to an experience of comparative peace and tranquillity. It may be that in the news, and in our lives, we get more wound up before we get the chance to wind down. But here's a clear prediction. Regardless of what's going on or of what's going wrong, there'll soon be fresh insight and much needed change in the world.

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