Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

August 16th to August 21st 2004

MONDAY August 16
Cloned cows behaviour comment

Most scientists won't even investigate astrology lest they find something positive which forces them to rethink their prejudices. The French though, have often proved the exception to this rule. Word is now reaching me about an experiment by Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch, an internationally respected researcher who has lately been investigating behaviour in cloned cows! The cows all had exactly the same DNA, yet some were dominant and aggressive while others were exceptionally gentle. Using only time and place of birth plus various astrological techniques, Suzel was able to tell those cows apart in a 'double-blind' study.
TUESDAY August 17
Parallel Earth comment

Science fiction writers often like to explore the notion of a 'parallel earth'. They wonder whether in some remote region of endless space, there may be a planet just like our own right down to the inhabitants. Maybe, they argue, there's 'another you' out there, right now. We're still a long way from knowing how true this is but I notice that the people behind the Hubble telescope have recently issued a press release. In it, they announce the discovery of 'NGC 3949'; a large spiral galaxy, 50 million light-years away. Apparently, it is the spitting image of our own Milky Way.
Gemini and decisions email

Hi Jonathan,
In one of the forecasts recently, you said: "The only sensible thing to do is back down gracefully and let the Gemini make all the decisions..." But my manager and I are both Geminis. I am flexible. He wants things done the way they've always been done, his way! What should I do?

Dear Derek,
My tongue was in my cheek when I said that. But in this situation, it's the right advice. Show complete respect for your fellow Gemini's opinions. Don't question a word. They'll then be so flummoxed, they'll doubt their own judgement!

THURSDAY August 19
Scientists and astrology email

Dear Jonathan,
I read recently, that some scientists claim to know how pendulum dowsing works. Apparently there is a previously undiscovered "field" emitted by all spinning objects. Since the planets spin too, perhaps this has some bearing on how astrology works. They also think the theory of "quantum entanglement* " may explain telepathy. If such ideas are being seriously discussed amongst sceptical scientists, perhaps the world really is changing.
Yours, Luke

Dear Luke,
Perhaps. Perhaps not. I think the real proof of a 'consciousness shift' will come when even scientists finally accept that not everything in life needs to be "explained."
* A phenomenon in which two apparently separate objects are somehow connected at a sub-atomic level.

FRIDAY August 20
Mercury in Virgo and Leo email

Dear Jonathan,
I have been told that Mercury, which is now in Virgo, will soon slip back into Leo. So if both signs get a 'double visit' from the communication planet this year, what does it mean?

Dear Dan,
Usually, when a planet passes in, out, then back into a sign, it implies a need for those born under this sign to clear up unfinished business. For Leos, this business is now linked to a financial opportunity. For Virgos, it involves a "learning curve". A process may have to be gone through twice before it can be understood.

SATURDAY August 21
No thought for the Day


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