Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 1st to December 4th 2004

WEDNESDAY December 1
Every time I turn on the news email

Dear Jonathan,
Every time I turn on the news, I see more injustice, intolerance and cruelty. You say that things are improving. How can this be?

Dear Mike,
When you are trying to clean up your kitchen, and you pull out the cooker or the fridge, it can be quite horrific. Suddenly, you become aware of dirt and grime that had previously been hidden from view. The more you clean up, the more you discover how much more needs to be cleaned up. Things are surely better than they were when all that muck was simply lurking unseen in a dark corner.

THURSDAY December 2
Kali, the goddess of destruction email

Hello Jonathan,
According to Indian tradition we are all now living through the "Kaliyuga"; the darkest era in history, symbolised by Kali, goddess of destruction and transformation. The Kaliyuga (or age of Kali) is supposed to last several thousand years after which a Satyuga (or wise, enlightened era) will begin. Experts disagree though, about when we should expect this. I was amazed to hear about those three recent pentagrams in the sky. The pentagram is the traditional symbol of Kali! Might this be a sign that her age is about to end?
Regards, Adrian

Dear Adrian...
Let's hope so!

FRIDAY December 3
Mars and Venus conjunction

If you stay up very late on Saturday night or you get up very early on Sunday morning, you'll see a glorious conjunction of Mars and Venus. Just before dawn, look east and there'll be Venus, the dazzling planet of love and prosperity. Just a little higher will be Mars, the ochre planet of passion and power. Unless the cloud cover is heavy, it will be well worth making an effort to witness this auspicious alignment. It heralds a series of wonderful opportunities and experiences. I explain much more about these in the latest set of in-depth phone forecasts.

SATURDAY December 4
No Thought for the Day


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