Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 6th to December 11th 2004

MONDAY December 6
Venus and Mars email

Dear Jonathan,
Yesterday morning, I had a long lie in and the woke up realising that I had missed my chance to see Venus and Mars together in the dawn sky. Does that mean that I won't benefit from the alignment?

Dear Eleanor,
Some might argue that it is 'additionally auspicious' to view a conjunction but it will always have an influence whether we look or not. Otherwise, we could avoid difficult influences, just by peering at the ground! Almost all of us are going to find this a delightful week, regardless of whether we watch the heavens.

TUESDAY December 7
Planetary pentagrams comment

Hi Jonathan
Buddhists believe we are now in an era known as the 'Evil Latter Day of the Law'. This, the Buddha said, would be a time when people became perverse and the True Law was all but lost. It is supposed to be followed by a 10,000-year period of peace and enlightenment. This matches the Indian idea of the Kaliyuga, or dark age. It also fits the western view that we are about to see the dawning of an Age of Aquarius. So perhaps these recent planetary pentagrams really do herald better times ahead.

WEDNESDAY December 8
Ancient Indian prophecy email

Hi Jonathan,
I, too, am fascinated by the ancient Indian prophecy about the end of a long dark age. I, too, would love to think that this is about to happen. My studies tell me though, that we are only 5,000 years into the 'Kaliyuga' era... which lasts 25,000 years.
Best wishes, Daniel.

Dear Daniel,
I know why you say that, but those figures are hotly disputed by many experts. And, as I shall soon explain, if that old prediction is even loosely based on astronomical cycles, there's good reason to believe the time of change is upon us.

THURSDAY December 9
Astrologers are a bit like time travellers comment

Astrologers are a bit like time travellers. We have to think hard about what future alignments may mean. We also have to dwell on the past. Heavenly patterns, you see, are usually cyclical. Some repeat every year, some every decade, some every century and some every few thousand years. If we want to make informed predictions about what will happen the next time they occur, we need to look at what happened the last time. Right now, I'm thinking hard about a strange link between 2005 and 1967. I'll have a lot more to say about this very soon.

FRIDAY December 10
New Moon comment

As the Moon grows new, this weekend, there's a slight sense of tension in the air. People often feel pensive or apprehensive when the Moon is on the verge of vanishing. Early next week, that mood will give way to one of renewed enthusiasm. Meanwhile, if it seems to you as if something is coming to an end, you are right. There's a real chance now for anyone who has been going through an awkward phase, to work out what has been going wrong and start doing something truly constructive about making things right in the future.

SATURDAY December 11
No Thought for the Day


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