Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 13th to December 18th 2004

MONDAY December 13
Collapse of American stock market email

Dear Jonathan,
Some astrologers are predicting a big collapse of the American stock market around March 2005. Apparently, this is due to have worldwide repercussions. Do you also foresee this?

Dear Laurie,
I am aware of the alignments that are 'inspiring' this doomy prophecy but I do not agree with the meaning that is being ascribed to them. I think there will be no such collapse. I'll be publishing my own predictions for 2005, early in January. If you've got a specific question about the kind of world we'll be living in next year, drop me a line!

TUESDAY December 14
New era in 2012 email

Dear Jonathan
I have heard a lot, lately, about the 'new era'. Some experts expect rapid, radical change which will culminate in some sort of groovy mass enlightenment in 2012. Others say the new age will take centuries to dawn. What's your opinion?

Dear Debbie, Consider how quickly phones, computers and fashions become outmoded. We are already in a fast-changing world. We are now on a journey which may seem like a roller coaster ride between now and 2012. We'll hurtle through fields of dreams but it may take many generations to make those dreams come true.

WEDNESDAY December 15
Economic collapse and great depression email

Dear Jonathan,
I was heartened to hear you say that you foresee no economic collapse in 2005. Do you also disagree with the astrologers who say that cosmic conditions in 2008 resemble those behind the great depression?

Dear Muriel,
There are some superficial similarities, but other factors mean 2005 won't be so much a time of depression... as inspiration! In January, I'll have more to say on all of this, so if you've got big questions about the future, please write in.

THURSDAY December 16
No Thought for Day

FRIDAY December 17
Watch the Moon comment

Try this weekend to spend a few minutes alone with the Moon. Stare at it for a while. Watch it from night to night and you'll see the dark disc diminish while the shining section gets slowly bigger. It's almost as if we are watching a wrapper sliding ever so slowly off a giant Christmas gift. By Christmas Eve, the Moon will be looking complete. By Boxing Day it will be "fully full." This is due to be an exceptionally intense season. But as I explain in your new in-depth phone forecast, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

SATURDAY December 18
No Thought for the Day


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