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January 26th to January 31st 2004

MONDAY January 26
Stubborn Well Known Taureans comment

On Saturday, I wrote about how stubborn some well-known Taureans seem to be. I was not casting aspersions on all born under this sign. It is just that I keep seeing an uncanny parallel between the naked rambler, and the prime minister. After 15 arrests and two spells in jail for nudity, Stephen Gough finished walking from Land's End to John O'Groats last week. And then, he got dressed! Tony Blair is now going through a similarly tough trial. He too wants to confound his critics. He won't go while he is under such pressure to quit. But, later...
TUESDAY January 27
Tarot comment

Dear Jonathan,
For Christmas, I was given a pack of Tarot cards. I am still struggling to understand them. I have called your Tarot phone line for a reading and found it most helpful. Have you ever published a book? And how should I decide when to use astrology and when to use Tarot?
Joy, Love and Peace

Dear Jessica,
Astrology is best used regularly, to gain an understanding of where your opportunities lie while Tarot, I feel, is best saved for occasional big burning questions. The readings on my line are recorded under the guidance of a world renowned expert, Elaine Seymour. We may well publish a book together one day but for now, I suggest you do what all Tarot readers must learn to do. Trust your intuition!

WEDNESDAY January 28
Crescent Moon Venus comment

Many readers have asked me about the exceptionally bright star that shone so close to the crescent moon over the weekend. They saw this stunning sight in the south shortly after nightfall. That was no star that was Venus forming a gloriously auspicious alignment. Did it have meaning? Most definitely. It brought a deeper level of emotional understanding and fostered a climate of sympathy and empathy that should continue to be felt, by all who are sensitive, for a few days yet.
THURSDAY January 29
Out of Body Experiences by Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake writes:Some people have found themselves 'out of their bodies' as if their centre of consciousness has become detached from their physical body. Out of the body experiences often occur in moments of crisis, for example after accidents or during operations in hospitals.One man who was under general anaesthesia said: "Freely hovering and looking downwards from above, I saw my physical body lying on the operating table."
Usually people look down on their physical body from somewhere near the ceiling, and stay within the room. But sometimes they travel further. Shirley, in Broadstairs, told me: "I have felt myself step or float away from my body and have travelled at great speed outside of my body."
In some ways these experiences are similar to dreams, when we all have such experiences. While our physical bodies are asleep in bed, we have bodies in our dreams in which we can walk around, talk and even fly. The difference is that people enter 'out of the body' experiences from being awake, rather than asleep. The experiences seem clearer and more realistic than ordinary dreams.
Sometimes people travel out of the body and seem to see things that are really happening. Rachel, in London, said she found herself out of her body when she was critically ill in hospital. I decided to go home to see the family. I remembered what they were doing, and when they visited me the next day they confirmed my knowledge was accurate."
Many people are reluctant to talk about these experiences for fear of being thought strange. But out of the body experiences are commoner than most people think. Surveys have shown that about one person in five has had one. Some people can even induce such states at will, travelling wherever they like 'at the speed of thought'. But what is doing the travelling? Do we really have detachable minds, or is it 'all in the mind'?
Rupert Sheldrake would like to hear about 'out of the body' experiences. Email Rupert Sheldrake's researcher, with subject heading: Rupert Sheldrake.
Rupert's website:

FRIDAY January 30
Quickening comment

Have you noticed the 'Quickening'? A lot of people, all over the world, feel that life is moving on a lot faster than it ever used to. Problems are being solved and resolved at a greater speed. Processes that once took ages are sorting themselves out surprisingly fast. And for all who have a sincere desire to learn and grow, there's a sense of 'as soon as you wish for it, you seem to start to get it'. Jupiter's opposition to Venus today makes that last statement especially likely to prove relevant now. No matter what sign you are, if you've got a big dream or a big hope... stick with it.
SATURDAY January 31
No Thought for the Day


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