Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

July 19th to July 24th 2004

MONDAY July 19
Venus and Jupiter comment

Venus forms a right angle to Jupiter this week. That alignment famously brings good fortune to some people and seems to put others in tricky positions. How can we ensure we get the right kind of benefit from the influence? By remembering that if every move we make is sensible, we'll miss the opportunity to work magic. Right now, if the spirit is willing enough and the mind is inventive enough, quarts can be poured into pint pots and exceptions to the many of life's usual rules can be found. Don't go too far... but do follow a heartfelt dream.
If it is your birthday comment

If it's your Birthday - You'll find things fall into place just when you need them to this year. Well, most of the time at least. I can't promise you a time of absolute perfection or an experience of life that is forever stress-free. That, given all we both know about your current situation, would be expecting a bit too much! Yet somehow, you'll land on your feet whenever you fall and more often than not, you will manage to stay buoyant, solvent and full of reasons to feel happy.
Pisces last sign of the zodiac email

Dear Jonathan,
I am a Piscean. Some people say that because mine is the last sign of the zodiac, I'm an "old soul who has come here to complete a process." Is this true?

Dear Deborah,
The zodiac is a circle. Circles don't end. Pisces therefore, is NOT the 'last' sign. Time is almost certainly circular too so your past life may not yet have even happened! As for reincarnation well, that's as maybe but even if this is not the only life we have, it's surely the only life we can do anything about. The rest is speculation.

Sedna email

A while ago, a new planet called Sedna was all over the news. Astrologers were discussing how important it was... then everything went quiet. What happened?

Dear Tom,
We astrologers have got a lot of watching, reflecting and swapping notes to do before we decide precisely what Sedna means. We do know, though, that while Sedna is NOT going to end up having an impact on the daily forecasts for the signs of the zodiac, she surely symbolises an imminent big leap in emotional intelligence amongst the people of this planet.

FRIDAY July 23
Meaning of daily forecasts email

Dear Jonathan,
Sometimes, the meaning of my daily forecast will not become evident until a while after I have read it. Am I right to suspect that each prediction is really a guide to a longer stretch of time?

Dear Cara,
It is always hard to fine tune the timing of a prediction. That's why most astrologers find it easier to prepare week-ahead forecasts than dailies. I work hard to pick the right words for the day... but sometimes, just as milk can last longer under certain weather conditions, my predictions can remain relevant for several days.

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