Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

July 26th to July 31st 2004

MONDAY July 26
Full Moon and Saturn and Pluto 'angle of irritation' comment

"Please grant me the strength to change what I can improve, the patience to accept what I cannot alter and the wisdom to know the difference." That prayer may prove apt for many this week. We are heading towards a challenging Full Moon. Meanwhile, Saturn and Pluto are completing the rare 'angle of irritation' they have been forming for several months. This once-in-a-decade alignment does not necessarily provide a chance to sort out our problems, neatly and tidily. It does, though, symbolise an opportunity to see what's good about what had previously seemed bad.
Financial development forecast query email

Dear Jonathan,
I find your forecasts accurate in every way but one. Whenever you predict a good financial development, it never materialises. This is most disconcerting.

Dear Rolf,
While your full birth chart contains factors which could explain this, they are not strong enough to spoil your every opportunity. So, I wonder what you do to 'help' the forecast come true. Suppose, for example, I predict a great day for fishing. This really won't mean anything unless you actually take a line and a hook, bait it properly and then leave it dangling in appropriately stocked water!

Zodiac is a circle email query

Dear Jonathan,
Recently, you said the zodiac is a circle with no beginning or end. It seems the universe is made up of perpetual processes and patterns. If cycles are so natural, why do people try to break free of them?
Sincerely, Andrew

Dear Andrew,
We can't break free from cycles but we can use astrology to understand how they work. This gives us a choice. Instead of panicking because something has gone, we can wait for it to come back round. Or we can recognise a syndrome when it repeats... and decide not to let it upset us.

How does the Apollo XI landing on Moon relate to Astrology email

Dear Jonathan,
On my birthday in 1969, Apollo XI landed on the Moon. The Moon rules my sign, Cancer. What does that mean for me... and for astrology?
Regards, Jess

Dear Jess,
The entire space project speaks of gaining power over the environment. It says, 'Wake up world. Your future is not fated. You can yet have a big hand in choosing how things turn out.' For Cancerians in particular, the meaning is much the same. It's funny though, how we scour space for new neighbours to talk to but still won't listen to our fellow human beings.

FRIDAY July 30
Virgo and patience email query

Dear Jonathan,
For what seems like months now, you seem to have been telling Virgos to be patient as we are on the right path. In fact, it's becoming something of a joke amongst my Virgo friends who regularly read their forecast. 'Don't bother reading yours today,' we say to each other, 'you're getting there'. Is there any chance of any positive and specific news for Virgos?

Dear Liz,
Of course there's a chance. That positive and specific news will be along before you know it. You're definitely on the right path towards it. You, er... just have to be patient!

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