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June 14th to June 19th 2004

MONDAY June 14
Waning of the Moon comment

The rapidly waning MOON is taking away some of last week's tension. In the process, though, it is creating a new dynamic. There is often a bit of an edge when the MOON is nearly new. It can feel as if a vacuum exists somewhere in the world that is pulling on everyone's emotions. We find it hard not to be drawn towards darker thoughts and worrying uncertainties. We have to remind ourselves that problems come and go like the tides. If a wave of anxiety rolls towards you soon, just wait. Soon it will roll away again.
Transit of Venus feedback comment

Several people have recently taken issue with my assertion that the transit of VENUS has been auspicious for the whole world. Surely, they argue, it cannot be so simple. If something is good for one sector of society, it must be bad for another. All things in this world have two sides to them, do they not? Normally, I would be inclined to agree, but this particular alignment may be one of the few exceptions to the rule. If there is more inspiration, love, generosity and more creativity suddenly available to the people of this planet, it is hard to see who that could possibly harm.
New Moon and Full Moon comment

The tides are always high at New Moon and Full Moon. Astrologers like to point out that just as the phases of the Moon govern the oceans, they govern our emotions. It is absolutely no coincidence that the menstrual cycle is precisely the same length as the lunar cycle. But, although ovulation is symbolically associated with the New Moon, sometimes it takes place on the Full Moon. The cosmic laws that govern biology are a little more complex than those that rule the ocean. I'll say more on this topic tomorrow.

"Mr Moon, Mr Moon, you're up too soon, the Sun is in the sky. So cover up your head, go back to bed, let the rest of the day go by." My three year old daughter, Tia, treats us all to this song whenever she sees the Moon and Sun together. She's entitled to sing it today but she won't know unless I tell her. Although the Moon is up all day, it is so close to the Sun as to be invisible. Officially, it is not "new" till tomorrow but that tense, just-before-the-storm-breaks, new-moon mood is most noticeable about now!

What does it take to become an astrologer?

What does it take to become an astrologer? More than you might think. The London Based Faculty of Astrological Studies set a 'certificate exam' for those who have been studying for one or two years and a diploma for students with three to four years experience. The tests are arduous and the pass rate is low. Even those who have gained the qualifications never stop learning. It is now possible to achieve an MA or even a Phd at several British universities through studying the relationship between astrology and history - or pyschology. I'll say more on this topic soon.

The MOON WILL BE EXACTLY NEW... in Gemini, at 9.27pm GMT tonight.
BABIES BORN TODAY... will have the New Moon in their birthchart, causing them to feel confident and secure at many levels. New Moon children traditionally have happy childhoods and enjoy much creativity. These children, as double Geminis, will also turn out to be extremely quick witted and inventive.

FRIDAY June 18
Venus, the ultimate feminine planet

A new 'scan' will soon let women know precisely how many child bearing years they have left. Some people seem to think this is one more example of a technology we don't really need. Others feel it will bring millions the ability to make more informed choices about their lives. All I know is that the timing is interesting. Venus is the ultimate feminine planet. Her recent transit of the Sun heralded big, positive change for women, all over the world. Expect more such announcements soon. Ignorance may or may not be bliss... but knowledge is power.
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