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March 15th to March 20th 2004

MONDAY March 15
Rare transit of Venus in June email comment

Dear Jonathan,
People say that 2004 is one of the most important years in history. Apparently, astrologers are particularly excited about the events that are due in June. Is there any truth in this?

Dear Linda,
June brings a rare transit of Venus plus an exceptionally auspicious Solstice on the 21st. More amazing developments will occur during the Summer. Closer to that time, I will have a lot more to say about why, despite the current rather bleak state of the world, there is still so much hope for us all.

TUESDAY March 16
New planets comment

New planets turn up at times when life on earth is starting to change, beyond recognition. They coincide with new discoveries that are likely to change our lives forever. And with new attitudes that will help us see the world differently from this day forth.

Imagine what the world must have been like for our ancient ancestors, before the discovery of fire. Maybe a new planet appeared for the first time, as soon as the first two sticks were successfully rubbed together. Maybe another new planet appeared when the very first tree trunks were used as rollers, to transport heavy objects. We can't know whether this is true because our records do not stretch back this far... but we do know for sure that no new planets turned up in our sky in the 6000 years or so between 4000bc and 1781. A couple of hundred years ago though, William Herschel was sitting in his garden, near Bath, watching the sky through a home made telescope. Suddenly, he came across an amazing sight. A brand new 'wandering light' that was neither a comet nor a star. His discovery turned out to be the new planet, Uranus. Within a few months of this, the Montgolfier brothers in France were test flying their new invention. A hot air balloon! Suddenly, man could fly. Further innovations poured forth at an uncanny rate.

They continued, in 1846, through the discovery of Neptune and the development of the early daguerreotype (which gave rise to photography as we know it).

In 1930/31, Percival Lowell's laboratory found Pluto, while scientists identified Plutonium and thus began the nuclear age we live in today. Without doubt, the new planet Sedna heralds a new development in science and technology which will turn out to be as crucial and all encompassing as the discovery of flight, photography or nuclear fission. It also suggests the birth of a 'new society'. Forget the religious and political ideals that you have grown up with. A global 'shift of perspective' is about to occur.

Sedna has partially emerged because the world has finally got its hands on a technology more terrifying, yet potentially tremendous than any it has ever yet dreamed of. Over on my page over the next few days, about how Sedna heralds a new era of complete human cloning, an end to fears of global warming... a brand new 'world religion' that sweeps the globe in the next ten years... and a mixed bag of good and bad news about the future for us all!

Alternative approach to helping junkies comment

Some while ago, I met a young girl who was living on the street and begging in shop doorways. This, she told me candidly, was the only way she could feed her heroin habit. After I wrote about her many readers offered support. But when I looked for her again she had vanished. I don't think anybody else noticed or cared. Junkies are modern day lepers. We see their disease as "self created" and have little sympathy. There are reasons though, why people turn to drugs and reasons too why some, at least, deserve help. Today, Mark Winter looks at an alternative approach to the problem. Click here to read Mark's piece.
Telepathic tunes by Rupert Sheldrake

Many readers have found that they seem to pick up the thoughts of people they know well. Rebecca, in London finds this often happens with her mother: "I often tell her what she's thinking or answer questions out loud that she has merely thought and not asked."
People in love can be very closely attuned, as Karen is with her boyfriend. She says, "We communicate without words. We look at each other and catch the gist of what the other is thinking. Sometimes we complete each other's sentences, and sometimes one of us will do what the other was just thinking about."

Some people find that they are literally attuned, and pick up melodies. Elizabeth, in Egremont, reports, "On several occasions I've thought of a tune or song while my husband has been in another room. I've been amazed to hear him whistle or hum the same tune." Alfred, in London, says. "I have experienced humming a tune, and having my wife exclaim that the same tune was in her mind."

Such experiences seem to happen most often between partners and between parents and children. When Nadine was driving along with her young daughter in the car, she saw some flowers that made her think of the nursery rhyme "Ring a ring of roses." A few seconds later her daughter started to sing the same rhyme. When Nadine asked her what made her sing that song, she replied, "You did, Mummy. You were thinking it."

Several people have told me that they have thought of a tune for no particular reason and then switched on the radio and heard it playing. This could just be coincidence, of course. Popular tunes are played often. It could also be a form of precognition, anticipating music that will be heard in the immediate future. But it could also be telepathic, with an influence from the many people who are already listening to the tune on the radio. I do not know how common it is to anticipate what is on the radio, and would like to find out if it goes beyond mere chance.

Rupert Sheldrake would like to know if readers have thought of tunes for no apparent reason and then heard them when they switch on the radio. Email Rupert Sheldrake's researcher, with subject heading: Rupert Sheldrake.
NEW Rupert's book The Sense of Being Stared At is published in paperback this week in the USA and Canada The Sense of Being Stared At : And Other Unexplained Powers of the Human Mind. His website is:

FRIDAY March 19
Vernal Equinox comment

Did you make a resolution back in January? Have you now lost all hope of ever fulfilling the promise you made to yourself? Cheer up. Tomorrow brings us all the chance make a fresh start. It's the Vernal Equinox. The first day of Spring. The start of the heavenly new year. Real magic, it is traditionally believed, can be worked on this day. My colleague Bernard Fitzwalter explains more in Astronews today, click here.
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