Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

November 1st to November 5th 2004

MONDAY November 1
current cosmic climate comment

The planetary pentagram pattern has dispersed. The current cosmic climate, though, remains not so much "red hot" as "smoking!" The star shape forms for a third and final time on November 25. It's fascinating that the American elections are happening under this influence but their outcome is not necessarily as important as you might think. ALL the people of the earth are now being invited to make a choice about the kind of future they want to create. It's how we vote with our hearts, wishes and actions that will ultimately prove most crucial over the next few weeks.

TUESDAY November 2
Astrology comment

When things hang in the balance but no amount of logic or information can help you prophecy the outcome, a horoscope can help. In theory, astrology is the ideal tool with which to foresee tonight's election result. But if the person reading the chart has even the smallest, secret preference, they will see only what they want to see. I am neither a robot nor a saint. I can't swear that the following prediction is entirely objective. But my vision contains a miracle victory for Kerry, soon after which lions shall start lying down with lambs.

WEDNESDAY November 3
Moon and heavenly pattern emails

Dear Jonathan,
Last week, you said one of the planets in the pentagram pattern was the Moon. But the Moon is not a planet.

Hello Jonathan,
How can a heavenly pattern be the same shape all over the globe?

Dear Timberley,
Astrologers understand the Sun is a star and the Moon a satellite. But to us they are all 'wandering lights' which is the original meaning of the word 'planet'.

Dear Rebecca,
Patterns only show up when you plot positions on a map of the zodiac. The zodiac appears the same in Melbourne, Manchester or Mississippi.

THURSDAY November 4
Lion and lamb comment

The Lion, it would seem, is not about to start lying down with the lamb. Ploughshares and pruning hooks will not, for the next few years at least, be fashioned from recycled swords and spears. There will, though, still come a day when those old prophecies of a more peaceful, enlightened world really do get fulfilled. There are other ancient predictions, from other cultures, about the emergence of a "higher consciousness". These too, will come true. Despite the fear and frustration a lot of people feel, this will happen in time for many of us to experience the magic.

FRIDAY November 5
Venus and Jupiter comment

Venus and Jupiter meet up fairly often but rarely do they get as close as they were this morning, just before dawn. They were almost as near, last night, as they were in 2BC when the alignment of these bright planets would have looked like one blazing beacon. A Venus/Jupiter conjunction was considered deeply auspicious back then, just as it is today. Many think that this was the 'star' that inspired three regal astrologers to set off towards the Mediterranean with gifts of money, incense and aromatherapy oil. Some believe last night's conjunction could yet herald something similar.

SATURDAY November 6
Uranus passing through Pisces comment

Uranus was first discovered in 1781. Shortly after, human beings flew for the first time in a hot air balloon. Hence it became the planet of flight. But it is also considered to rule AQUARIUS. This week it changes direction, which is auspicious for water-bearers and hopeful, too, for PISCEANS through whose sign this planet is currently passing.


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