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October 1st to October 2nd 2004

FRIDAY October 1
Moon, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus divide the sky into equal sectors comment

oct1 An amazingly rare, deeply auspicious planetary pattern is being formed in the sky today. It involves the Sun, The Moon, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus, dividing the sky into exactly equal sectors of 72 degrees. Because the Sun is also forming a quadruple conjunction with Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, their influence is drawn in too. We do not know how important these angles of 72 degrees were to the ancients but we do know they were considered crucial by Johan Kepler who lived between 1571 and 1630. Kepler is often called the father of modern astronomy because he worked out that the orbits of the planets are not circular but egg-shaped. He was also a keen astrologer with a reputation for accurate predictions. Kepler insisted that such 'Quintiles' denoted great ease and opportunity. John Addey, one of the 20th century's greatest astrologers, was also excited by these alignments. He said they represented the zodiac's 'fifth harmonic' and revealed hidden spiritual secrets about the cosmic order. If he, or Kepler, were still alive today, they'd be gobsmacked to see not one, but five, such alignments, all happening at once, creating the pattern of a perfect pentagram. The powerful pattern has been building up all week. It will last the weekend. Babies born over the next few days will, therefore, grow up to be exceptionally blessed, talented and incisive. People whose birthdays fall this weekend will fulfil some of their dearest dreams. The rest of us can look forward to a series of sea changes; new insights into old mysteries and new attitudes emerging, even from those who normally hold the most entrenched positions. It's a time when magical things become possible. Weirdly and intriguingly, this historic alignment repeats on October 28, at the very moment of the next lunar eclipse! Soon, I hope to interview an American astrologer called Johnny Mireheil. He has made a special study of this exceptional situation which he calls 'The Harmonic Concordance II' because of the way it echoes another peculiar pattern that formed late last year. I'll let you know what he has to say about it soon and I'll make some predictions of my own. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about what it means in your life, there's more detail in your forecast... and on the phone.
SATURDAY October 2
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