Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

October 4th to October 9th 2004

MONDAY October 4
Gambian Christmas expedition email

oct4 Dear Jonathan,
I am a Cancerian railway worker. With my nine-year-old daughter Chloe, plus a few of our friends, we are planning a rather unusual Christmas expedition. We intend to travel to the Gambia, where one in nine children die before their fifth birthday. We'll go in a utility vehicle with, we hope, some donated medical supplies. Then, we'll take a cheap flight back, in time for New Year, leaving our transport with a local teaching hospital. Could you help let people know about our adventure. There are details at
Joe Hooker

Dear Joe,
Good luck!.

TUESDAY October 5
David Baker, fellow astrologer planetary pentagram patterns comment

oct5 Last weekend, I was talking to a fellow astrologer, David Baker, about this month's pair of planetary pentagram patterns. He pointed out that you have to go back thousands of years before you find another so astrologically exact. I joked about alignments being rather like buses. You wait for millennia, then two come along at once. He went quiet and did some calculations. Then we both got a shiver down our spine. A third pentagram occurs at the end of November. If ever there was an auspicious symbol of hope for the human race, it is surely this exceptional sequence.

The world is getting worse every day email

oct6 Dear Jonathan,
You keep promising that the world is about to change but it seems to be getting worse every day.

Dear Casey,
Imagine you are in a terribly messy room. It is only lit by a single candle so you can't see the full extent of the chaos. Additional lights don't so much brighten it up as reveal the dreadful reality. But though things may look far worse, they are actually a lot better. For now, you can no longer ignore what needs to be faced. That means things have to start changing.

THURSDAY October 7
American election email

oct7 Dear Jonathan,
You seem to be keeping very quiet about the American election.

Dear Noel,
There's an election in Australia too, this weekend. I'm having trouble with both contests. It's the same difficulty I encountered four years ago when I just could not work out whether Gore would get more votes than Bush... or vice versa. I see 'close calls' on each continent and, when I ask the horoscopes 'Who will be in office, four years from now?' I still get confusion. I suspect neither the next Australian Prime Minister nor the next US President will serve a full term.

FRIDAY October 8
"You and Your Horse"! horoscopes email

oct8 Dear Jonathan
I recently went to work in a remote part of Western Australia. I was amazed, when reading the Pilbara News, to find horoscopes for "You and Your Horse"! Aren't horoscopes just for humans?
Regards Clare

Dear Clare,
Anything that has an official moment of 'coming into life' can have a horoscope. Not only can cats, dogs and horses have birth charts and signs, but buildings and businesses too. Likewise, nations, governments, and agreements signed at a particular moment in time. But, for the record, the forecasts on this page are always written for people, not pets!

SATURDAY October 9
No thought for the Day


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